London is a pretty epic city to explore, especially if you’re visiting for a whole 24 hours! There’s no doubt that time will be short and schedules tight but there really is an incredible heap of things you can see and do… all within a short period of time.

With a whole 24 hours, you’ll have a chance to eat at some pretty lovely restaurants, discover some of the cities best art and grab one of the best shakes in all of London Town – all whist cramming in a shed load of London landmarks! London at Sunrise

Take a look below at some of the best ways to experience London’s best spots and famous landmarks… all within an action packed 24 hours:London Stopover Guide: What To Do For 24 Hours In The City Grab some brekkie (60 minutes)

London: What You Must Do, See And Eat in Kings Cross! (9) After arriving into the city, one of the first things you should do is line your tummy for the fun day ahead. Grab yourself a hearty breakfast in one of London’s many cafes and brunch spots. I’d recommend heading to the London Grain House in Kings Cross. You’ll not only chow down on some delicious food but you’ll be sat in an open kitchen along side the chefs.

Top tip: Try the Eggs Benedict, they’re egg-celent! 😉

See some old curiosities at The Wellcome Trust (90 minutes)

London: What You Must Do, See And Eat in Kings Cross! (6)

With a vast array of curious artefacts from across the world, the Wellcome Trust is the perfect place to see some of Sir Henry Wellcome’s most prized possessions. A collector of all things unusual, you can now head inside the Wellcome Trust to explore at your own pace.

Top tip: Keep your eyes peeled for pieces such as Napoleon’s toothbrush to some of priceless art. A true cornucopia of curiosities.

Learn magic inside The Magic Circle (90 minutes)

London: What You Must Do, See And Eat in Kings Cross! (5)

The Magic Circle is one of the world’s most famous but also secretive of societies for magicians across the globe! Head inside for a rare glimpse of this very secretive organisation that loves to showcase their magic skills. Inside you’ll find memorabilia from some of the best magicians in the world, all whilst hopefully sneaking a peek at some new magic tricks being showcased! London: What You Must Do, See And Eat in Kings Cross! (13)Top tip: Make sure to check out the spiralled, artistic, staircase… all whist trying to spot a famous magician, or two!

Discover Covent Garden (120 Minutes, Including transportation time)

London's Most Famous District: Covent Garden - What To See, Eat & Do! (11)Grab yourself a traditional black cab, Uber, bus or tube from Westminster towards Covent Garden. The journey should take around 20 minutes at most.

Once you’ve arrived at Covent Garden, Take a stroll around its many windy streets and cobbled alleys that are filled with fashionable shops, independent boutiques and beautiful galleries that are well worth diving right into! Arm yourself with a little £££ and search for something extra special to take home.

London's Most Famous District: Covent Garden - What To See, Eat & Do! (13)

If you’re thinking of visiting Covent Garden, make sure to check out our complete guide on where to eat, drink and discover, right here.

Top tip: Make sure to head towards the Moomin Store, a quirky little boutique that is filled with everything Moomin!

Grab a bite to eat at Clos Maggiore (90 minutes)

London's Most Famous District: Covent Garden - What To See, Eat & Do! (15)Arguably, one of the nicest restaurants in Covent Garden, Clos Maggiore is a French fusion restaurant that every visitor (and Londoner) should try once. Book a table in advance, especially if it’s for an early evening meal… oh and ask for some advice on the wine when you arrive, these guys know their stuff!

Top tip: Ask to be seated in the main atrium; it’s filled with thousands of fairy lights that twinkle in the twilight hours of dinner!

London's Most Famous District: Covent Garden - What To See, Eat & Do! (21)

Enjoy a West End Show (180 minutes)

Views of London (2)

Even if you’re not into theatre or shows, there’s no denying that London is the one place you really should be! Take the opportunity in the city to enjoy one of the cities classic shows such as Les miserable, Phantom of the Opera and many more.

London's Most Famous District: Covent Garden - What To See, Eat & Do! (6)

Top tip: For discounted tickets, head to the TKTS Official Booth in the centre of Leicester Square, here you’ll be able to grab shows (that haven’t sold out) with a discount of around 50% off.

Grab a shake at Ed’s diner (45 minutes)

How To Have A Hassle-Free Day In London! (28)By now you’ll be relatively tired after a full day in the city, head straight over to Ed’s Diner, a retro 1950’s diner that serves some of the best shakes in town.

How To Have A Hassle-Free Day In London! (26)

Top tip: Try their chocolate and peanut butter milkshake, made fresh right in front of your eyes!

See the lights of Piccadilly Circus (45 minutes)

How To Visit London On A Budget (29)

Before your evening ends, you’ve got a final few minutes to catch one of London’s most iconic crossroads, Piccadilly Circus. Love it or hate it, every first time visitor should make a little stop here.

7 Ways To Save Money When Living In London That You Probably Haven't Thought Of! (2)

Top Tip: Visit at night, when the crowds have dissipated and the lights shine bright!

Catch some zzzzzz’s (12 hours)

101 Free Things To Do In London - FREE EBOOK! (1)

London has many hotels for every single budget, so if you’re looking for glorious luxury, city chic, or budget places, the city has got you covered. Take a look at some of the best rankings on Trip Advisor, here.

Staying in London for less time? Then check out our 6-hour guide, right here. Stopover In London Visiting Guide 1Staying in London for longer? Then check out our 48-hour guide, right here. 

Stopover In London Visiting Guide

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