The South of France has some of the prettiest towns that line the Rivera. That being said, all of France is beautiful! From the best places in the north of France to the gorgeous spots in the west of France, Though, I always have a soft spot for the South of France. 

You see, from east to west, the French Mediterranean coast is peppered with tiny hamlets and small villages that just call to be explored.

There’s always something that draws me to the south of France, whether it’s the beautiful towns, historic charm or unfathomable amounts of brie, camembert and wine.

So, to make your trip easier, I wanted to share some real gems that you need to check out when you plan a trip to the South of France.

1.) Narbonne

Best Places In France To Visit Narbonne

The south of France has a surprising amount of Roman relics, with Narbonne being no exception.

This traditional port town is a great place for culture and relaxation; with the Mediterranean Sea being only 15 miles away. I found out about Narbonne due to its twinning with one of my favourite Italian towns of Aosta, which I coincidently just wrote about, for our Italian road trip post. 

2.) Le Baracés

Best Places In France To Visit Beach

Le Baracés is one of the smallest communes in my list of places to visit this year.

With a deep-rooted French heritage and proximity to Perpignan, Le Baracés and its close neighbour, Leucate are easy stops to include on a trip exploring the south coast.

3.) Grasse

Best Places In France To Visit Grasse

Who doesn’t want to smell nice with a little spritz and splash of a signature scent?

If you’re travelling around the east coast of France, don’t forget to visit Grasse, which is noted as the world’s capital of perfume. Don’t forget to visit one of the prestigious perfumeries while you’re in the town.

4.) Rocamadour

Best Places In France To Visit Rocamadour Lot Department

However much I look or visit, I’ll never get bored of this stunning town. Nestled within a gorge, Rocamadour is a stunning place to consider staying while visiting the southwest of France.

Best Places In France To Visit Rocamadour

The quaint charm of this rustic French town has already captured my heart. 

5.) Gordes

The Absolutely Beautiful Villages Of Gordes and Roussillon In Provence, The South Of France (12)

Gordes has become increasingly popular in recent years and it’s easy to see why.

This gorgeous town blew my mind when I saw it. how had I never heard of it before? Why didn’t I include this on our last trip to the south of France? So many questions… so few answers! 

If you do intend on spending a few hours or days in the city, make sure to include a Tuesday morning in the town itself, when locals open up their booths, windows and stalls to showcase a range of homemade wares, cheeses and wines.

6.) Saint-Tropez

Best Places In France To Visit Saint-Tropez old town

Yes, we’ve all heard about that spray tan that gives you a golden glow but have you considered visiting Saint-Tropez itself?

Once the choice of the elite traveller, Saint-Tropez is thankfully much more accessible today.  Don’t forget to enjoy some of the fresh seafood that is caught daily from around the harbour.

7.) Bandol

Best Places In France To Visit Bale de Bandol, Bay of Bandol, Alpes-Maritimes

Almost 500 years old, this tiny French town has become renowned for its fertile soils.

That doesn’t sound interesting until you remember that those fertile soils make exception wines! Yay! Don’t forget to take a trip to one of the local wineries and have a tipple or two.

8.) Martigues

Best Places In France To Visit Martigues

Close to Marseille, Martigues is a much smaller, less crowded town to explore the region and its historic charm.

Best Places In France To Visit Martigues, Provence

Based in the very centre of the French Riviera, Martigues is bathed in glorious sunshine in summer and warmer (and dryer) than average winters compared to the rest of France. *take-me-there-now* 

9.) Saumur

Best Places In France To Visit Saumur, Pays-de-la-Loire

Okay, this is technically not within the south of France but Samur deserves an honour mention.

Best Places In France To Visit Chateau Saumur

This picturesque town is known for its school of cavalry and delicious Escargots. Don’t forget to rent a small boat on a clear sunny day! It’s magical.

10.) Cerbere

Best Places In France To Visit Cerbere Banyuls, France, Occitanie

Most people disregard this town as merely a stopping-off point between trains between France and Spain but it’s so much more than that.

If you’re taking the train, try and plan to stay in Cerbère for an afternoon to enjoy some of the local (and often unknown) restaurants that line the Mediterranean.

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