The best markets in Paris are the ones that let you forget, even if just for a few minutes, that you’re a visitor to the city of lights but instead make you feel like you belong here and have lived here all along. šŸ˜ƒĀ šŸ˜Ž Gorge on delicious home-made French foods (hopefully with a fair few … Continue Reading

Paris is possibly one of the most sought-after cities to visit. With things like the top places to see like the Eiffel Tower, embracing its romantic image and finding a good restaurantĀ with a view. These all make it a focal point when thinking of visiting France, but there really is so much more to the … Continue Reading

Paris is a gem of a city, it’s a place buzzing with activity, charm and delicious treats which all make for a perfect visit to one of Europe’s most iconic cities. If it’s your first, second or gazillionth time visiting Paris, you’ll no doubt be excited to sample and explore the city, but as we … Continue Reading

A visit to Paris, whether it’s for the first, second or fifteenth time will most likely include sites likeĀ The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral and a great restaurant or twoĀ but what about those places that you might not have heard of? The kind of places that portrays Paris in a totally different light … Continue Reading

Paris has some of Europe’s most mouthwatering restaurants and not just because of the food (though, of course, that a huge part of it). These Parisian restaurants are some of the very best spots in Paris to sit back, relax and enjoy some of the best views across this most picturesque of cities. Better still, … Continue Reading

Everybody likes a treat now and then… me included! The thing I like most about treats are that they usually involveĀ something special… something you have always wanted to do, stay, eat or try. On my look-out for nifty hotels, I came across Hotel Petit Moulin in Paris. I immediately fell in love with it! It’s … Continue Reading

Oh, Paris! The wondrous city that seems to capture the imagination of people all around the world! Itā€™s one of those cities that conjures up a sense of magic and adventure – visiting in person only does more to solidify that feeling. I think one of the best things about Paris is how thereā€™s something … Continue Reading

Because Paris is always a good idea… but even a good idea can still prove quite expensive! One of the best parts about city life all over the world is the diverse array of ways to keep yourself entertained regardless of your tastes and this definitely holds true in the city of light (and love) … Continue Reading

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris needs no introduction. It is one of the most famous landmarks in Paris and one of it’s most visited sights. It is impressive in pictures but even more impressive to see in person. I was going through my photos in Paris from a few months ago and I found these … Continue Reading

1.) Eiffel Tower: This is a no-brainer and probably the most obvious ‘first’ thing to do in Paris. It doesn’t matter if you go up on it, eat in the restaurant(located about mid-way through it), dance around it – just make sure you go and see it. It’s an obvious must do and probably one … Continue Reading

Easily one of Paris’ most memorable landmarks, The Eiffel Tower needs no introduction. This magnificent steel tower is amazing to see from the ground but the views from the top are particularly breathtaking! It’s definitely worth taking the time out to go and take in this magnificent view of Paris from the top of the … Continue Reading