There are so many reasons why we all travel! And yes, wine can be one of them! It doesn’t matter what region of the world you’re visiting, you can usually find at least a few wine regions and vineyards to visit, especially in Europe. This is exactly why I wanted to share some of the best wine regions in Europe that you can tag-along to any trip. 

One of our new-found favourite reasons to travel is to drink wine. Okay, fine, it’s more than drinking wine but we have new-found respect and love for all things wine on our trips!

You see, once in the wine regions, you get to learn about how wine is produced, what to pair it with and how to spot a good bottle.

Better still, this can be anywhere in the world! From the best vineyards in Australia to the gorgeous Ice Wine vineyards of Canada; I promise you, there’s always some yummy wine region to stop at for some tasty wine. 

This is no different when in Europe, with a heap of the best wine regions being dotted all over the place. Now, European wine is understandably famous across the world (we do great wine in this part of the world) so if ever you were game for a wine-infused holiday, Europe is the place to go.

Wine Regions In Europe (20)

With that in mind, take a look at some of the best wine regions in Europe to visit and a few little spots that are something of a curve-ball but still have some epic wines! 

1.) The Loire Valley

Wine Regions In Europe (22)

Doesn’t matter if you’re more into your reds then your whites (or vice-versa), the Loire Valley is arguably one of the most loved of all of France’s winemaking regions.

The best part about a trip here are the many amazing chateaus that dot the landscape are indeed reason in themselves to visit this picturesque part of France.

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2.) The Balaton Region

Wine Regions In Europe (28)

If you find yourself pondering a trip to Hungary, the Balaton Region is a wine region definitely worth popping into.

The stunning scenery around Lake Balaton makes for the perfect backdrop to enjoy your delicious Hungarian wine in so be sure to go photo-ready.

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3.) Tuscany

Wine Regions In Europe (24)

Tuscany is one of my favourite places to visit in Italy.

Actually, scratch that, its easily my favourite in Italy – the wine, as well as the stunning countryside, are huge reasons why.

The Tuscan sunshine and fertile rolling hills produce some of the best grapes around and a trip here is absolutely worth it for the gorgeous sun-dappled vineyards, lush courtyards, hidden churches and many other historical delights.

Last time we visited Tuscany, we stayed on an organic blueberry farm and it was so picturesque! It was the best place to just relax in the evenings (with a glass of wine, of course). It was so stunning and we loved it.

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4.) Santorini

Wine Regions In Europe (21)

Okay fine, you don’t need wine as an excuse to visit Santorini but when you’re on this amazing Greek island, you definitely need to pop into one of the vineyards that dot the land for some amazing Greek wines, paired with cheeses and crudités (or whatever crudités translate to in Greek).

Delicious wine and stunning views? Needless to say, Santorini should be a very easy ‘Yes’ on your travel plans.

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5.) Bordeaux

For all the romanticism of the Loire Valley, France’s most popular wine region is definitely Bordeaux.

Bordeaux has vineyards as far as the eye can see and a visit here is the ideal for that picture-perfect vacation of dreams.

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6.) La Rioja

Afternoons In Spanish Vineyards In La Rioja... And Evening In Bilbao In The Spanish Basque Country (11)

The La Rioja wine country in Spain winds through the romantic Cantabrian Mountains, which is in part why the wine from the region is so delicious.

On your visit here, expect dramatic mountain vistas and a plethora of delicious blends of wines to choose from.

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7.) Douro Valley

Wine Regions In Europe (23)

Douro Valley in Portugal has the claim to fame of making some of the most delicious claret in the world.

You can also tour the valley, hopping from village to village as you explore the rustic vineyards that have been here for centuries.

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8.) Mosel

Wine Regions In Europe (29)

Mosel in Germany has been producing grapes since the 15th century, so this area of the world is certainly the place to come if you want to dip your toes into the history of winemaking in Germany.

It’s also a good choice if you like Riesling, the signature wine of the region.

Also, we totally loved this whole region when we explored it as part of a wider road trip of the area. 

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9.) Piedmont

Wine Regions In Europe (25)

The Italian region of Piedmont is famous for its gorgeous scenery, but if you come here don’t forget to stop and sample the Barolo and Barbaresco wines the area specialises in.

Also, be sure to take some time to pop into the cute little villages that dot the surrounding landscape.

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10.) Champagne

Wine Regions In Europe (26)

A place that needs no introduction, France’s most popular wine export comes from the eponymous wine region in the northeast of France.

The main grapes are grown in the area (which later becomes that delicious bubbly in your glass) are Chardonnay, Pinot noir, and Pinot Meunier – each of which tends to grow in specific parts of the region.

Needless to say, if you’re into wine, a visit to the Champagne region is almost a must-do. How much champagne do you drink when you’re there?

Well, I’ll leave that bit up to you… 😉

11.) Moravia

Wine Regions In Europe (27)

The Czech Republic is often associated with beer, but the region of Moravia is known for its fantastic wines instead.

To add to this, the region is charming in its own right (there are lots of absolutely stunning sights to see here) and you will find many local inns selling wine paired with typical Czech food. 

That’s all your travel needs to be sorted in one fell swoop! It’s easily one of the best wine regions in Europe to visit.

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