Sometimes, it’s so easy to get distracted by everything that’s going on around you that you lose sight of who you truly are. It brings to mind a thing statisticians call separating “the signal” from “the noise“. “The signal” is that thing that you truly are – a truth that no one can shake, that thing that somewhere deep inside, you’ve always know is truly part of who you are. “The noise” on the other hand is everything else that distracts from those essential qualities that you have. This can be both internal and external. The problem with “the noise” is that it is tricky to different “the noise” from “the signal” and this wee post here is just a reminder of those 7 things about yourself that you sometimes forget…
1.) You are capable of great kindness: It’s easy to get distracted by situations around us which make us act or think selfishly that we end up reverting to an almost primitive way of interacting with people and acting more in “survival of the fitness” mode than stopping to think about others. When you do stop to think about others though, you can truly surprise yourself and everyone else around by the amount of kindness you possess. Try as much as possible to indulge this part of you – it not only makes others feel good but in a roundabout way, makes you feel good too.
2.) You under-estimate your ability to learn new skills: It’s a lot easier to say “I can’t do that” than it is to actually take the effort to learn a new skill. The work required to learn new skills might seem unbelievably hard but the trick is to start slowly, in little chunks. You’ll surprise yourself time and time again with how big your capacity for learning new skills really is!
3.) You are a source of joy to people around you: You bring a smile to people’s faces, an extra skip to their steps and warmth to their hearts. Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget how important you are to lots of people around you and this is just a little reminder about that fact. And while we’re at it, don’t forget to tell people around who also bring joy to your life, how much they mean to you.
4.) You’re actually very special: And no, not in that cheesy way some self-help book might tell you. Oh no, in a very practical way. There’s something you do better than other people around you. This could be anything from being able to play the violin effortlessly, cook an amazing meal with pretty much nothing in the fridge/cupboard to farting (quite accurately) a show-tune on command. The point is, there’s something you can do much better than everyone else and the key to making this thing enrichen your life is to a.) Find out what it is; and b.) Think of ways to use it to your advantage. Actually, there’s a third thing too – never let anyone lead you to believe that this talent is anything short of amazing. People might try to tell you otherwise but it’s important to remember that they’re wrong and that thing you do is both amazing and unique.
5.) You are enough: It’s quite easy to slip into that place where it feels like you constantly need more. More possessions, more money, money jewellery, more clothes… just more of everything for your life to be complete. Truth is you only really need yourself. The need for human interaction is primal as is the need to hunt and gather things however it’s important to realise that you are a lot more than you give yourself credit for. You bring so much more to the table than you always realise and sometimes it’s important to inflate your ego and realise that you are truly enough… nah, scratch that – actually, you more than enough!
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