Tokyo is one of the largest cities in all the world, filled with incredible gardens, soaring skyscrapers and enough karaoke bars to make even the most well-oiled vocal cords sore.

As a bustling metropolis, Tokyo really has some epic places to rest your head, especially if you’re looking for somewhere a little more quirky!

We’ve recently started planning our trip to Tokyo, which I’m so excited about. I can not wait to explore Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, the Tokyo Tower and mountains of freshly prepared sushi; yup, the latter is my tummy talking!

Our trip is fast approaching and we’ve already started looking for some of the best places we should stay in. We’re definitely wanting to find something unique and little fun too.

Take a look at our shortlist that we’re itching to book.

1.) Burrow into some books at Book and Bed

Photos And Postcards From Tokyo, Japan (8)

A little hard to find, Book and Bed is one cool little lodging where you can mix city living, a good nights sleep and all the books you can ever imagine.

Stay here and enjoy one of the city’s most unique little hotels. Oh yeah, there’s no need to pack your book either! 

2.) Sleep first class at First Cabin Akihabara

Photos And Postcards From Tokyo, Japan (19)

First Cabin hotel is nestled within the business district of Tokyo and only 5 minutes from the nearest subway station.

First Class has redefined capsule hotels in Tokyo and really embraced the whole concept of travel within their rooms.

Choose to either stay first class or business class and have an indulgent and cosy sleep in this gorgeous little place. Most of the pods/capsules have communal showering facilities and although private, you will have to share.

3.)  Sleep in the fantasy land of Hello Kitty

Photos And Postcards From Tokyo, Japan (13)

You’ll either love or loathe this place but the Hello Kitty rooms at Keio Plaza are one especially cute place to stay.

Stay in either Princess Kitty or Kitty Town rooms where you’ll be over-run with all things Hello Kitty. It’s a total dream (or nightmare) depending on your outlook. I’m gonna go for a dream! 🙂

4.) Indulge at the Shangri-La Hotel 

Photos And Postcards From Tokyo, Japan (25)

This opulent and the gorgeous hotel is one place you have to stay for a little treat! The indulgent hotel has a few properties in some other cities like; London, Paris and New York.

When you check-in, make sure to ask if any of their corner suites are available, they have larger spaces and stunning views across the city. For the best views, ask for a Tokyo Station view rather than Tokyo Bay – the former is much more magical at night.

5.) Sleep in the famous, Shinjuku Kuyakusho-Mae Capsules

19 Very Best Things To Do In Tokyo (12)

Perched less than 1o-minutes from Shinjuku Gyoen park, this capsule hotel is an experience that has evolved from the city itself.

Rather than a big hotel room, the capsule hotel offers pods where you can chill out, relax and catch some zzz! It’s an incredible experience.

6.) Watch the sunset at Royal Park Hotel, Shidome

The Famous Shibuya Crossing And Dancing Robots... In Tokyo, Japan (3)

If you’re looking for some epic views of Tokyo, make sure you stay at the Royal Park Hotel – this towering hotel offers some pretty epic views across the city.

It’s a great place to watch the sunset too, especially from the Bar at the top of the tower.

7.) Enjoy an Onsen at Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari

Photos And Postcards From Tokyo, Japan (11)

Imagine if hot springs, an amusement park and a hotel merged into one quirky little place, this is what Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari is.

Spend a few nights and enjoy the Onsen too! You’ll have a great time.

19 Very Best Things To Do In Tokyo

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