So many aspects of India is ingrained in our societies today, especially with some many of the best cities in India having such influence around the country. It comes as no surprise then that when we start thinking of destinations to travel to, India pops up quite quickly. The thing is though, India is a … Continue Reading

Chitwan (in Nepal) is absolutely scorching hot! Like we’re talking high 30sC which hits mid-40s thanks to the humidity! Oh, that humidity is one of the fiercest we’ve ever encountered on our travels – almost impressively so! Chitwan National Park is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the famed one-horned rhino (officially … Continue Reading

Despite heading to bed fairly late on my first night in the Maldives, the jet lag got the better of me and fight it as I tried, I just couldn’t go back to sleep and so I decided to head out on my bicycle to watch the sunrise.  I literally jumped out of bed, in my PJs, … Continue Reading

After leaving the secret beach and heading back to the hotel, I decided to dawdle around the hotel, cocktail and camera in hand. Or maybe it was wine? Aaaww who cares? It went down a treat with that sunset and that’s what truly matters. 😉 🙂 I figured I might as well take you on a little … Continue Reading

There are so many things to do in Sri Lanka. It’s a country that’s so diverse and somewhere you’re almost guaranteed to find some places you love. Whether you’re heading to the national parks on the search for elephants, exploring the incredible temples or enjoying some well-deserved rest on the best beaches, it’s an island country … Continue Reading

I love going to see stuff that most people don’t do. When in Singapore, most people head off to see the obvious shiny stuff – the Marina Bay Sands, shopping on Orchard Road, Day trips to Universal Studios and while there absolutely nowt wrong with those things, one experience I definitely recommend when in Singapore … Continue Reading

Boudhanath is one of the largest stupas in all of Nepal and a very important sight to see in Kathmandu. It’s located on the old trade route with Tibet and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. After making our way through the surprisingly fast-building traffic from our first stop of the day, we arrived … Continue Reading

India is as vast as it is beautiful, especially with all the famous temples in India that are dotted all across the country. From its mountain passes, remote jungles to its bustling streets, it’s a country steeped in amazing places to see. Better still, it has some of the best and most famous temples in … Continue Reading

UNESCO World Heritage sites are an unequivocal stamp of prestige and honour on any landmark or tourist attraction. The criteria for being awarded this honour is very stringent. And, rightly so, as these UNESCO World Heritage sites are of cultural and/or physical significance and the instant this designation is placed on a site, it arguably … Continue Reading

Travel is without a doubt one of the best way to gain a real insight into different cultures and see the world in a truly different light. Travel blogging extends this experience by providing a place to share these experiences and learn from fellow like-minded curious traveller. About a week ago, we were speaking with Stephen from … Continue Reading

After our much-needed lazy and relaxed first day in Sri Lanka, we arranged something very special the very next morning. A boat ride through Madu Ganga river! This was in part ‘special’ because this is something I’d wanted to do after we left Sri Lanka last time, actually get to experience more ‘real’ parts of … Continue Reading

When most people think of visiting Indonesia, they think of visiting the gorgeous places in Bali, to see its incredible temples and stunning waterfalls. That being said, the capital, Jakarta is a great little spot for a few days visit, especially if you’re already in Java. Now, being such a big and populous city, it … Continue Reading

The Kingdom of Ayutthaya is an incredible ancient Kingdom in Thailand which started almost 700 years ago and existed for over 400 years. Ayutthaya was actually the capital of Thailand years ago, and is still a very important place to visit when you’re in Thailand! These days, it’s now a city and indeed, a wider … Continue Reading

After last nights drinks at Miyakobashi Shotengai Street, we decided it best to have a little lie-in before hitting the town. Now, there was once spot I really wanted to visit since we arrived in Yokohama and that is the Sankeien Garden that opened over a hundred years ago. Now, the thing that makes this … Continue Reading