Bangkok is a fun, crazy and exciting city to visit! Chances are you kinda already know this, even if you’ve not visited yet. Its reputation precedes it, with some of the best things to do in Bangkok being dotted all across the city. 

In the midst of all this activity, the city is also filled with a heap of the best things to do in Bangkok. Honestly, a trip here is one that we definitely recommend, no matter what type of traveller you are.

There’s something for you in this amazing city.

11 Best Things To Do In Bangkok, Thailand

With that said, here are some of the very best things to do in Bangkok. Have the best trip. 

1.) Grand Palace

Built back in 1782, the Grand Palace is an immense complex that has served as the royal residence for generations. If you visit only one sight in Bangkok, it has to be this.

Honestly, it’s hands down one of the best things to do in Bangkok when you visit.

Here you can find the museum of textiles, the Royal Pantheon and the stunning Wat Phra Kaeo Temple. The latter houses the legendary Jade Buddha and is well worth seeing.

You will be enthralled by the architecture and amazed at the history of this important complex.

Now, to truly make the most of this site, it’s probably worth considering taking a guided tour. Though, this is by no means compulsory.

2.) Wat Benchamabophit

11 Amazing Places And Things You Need To See In Bangkok, Thailand (5)

As one of the many gorgeous temples in Bangkok, Wat Benchamabophit is really important. Not only that, but it’s also one pretty amazing example of a Buddhist temple in the city.

It really is gorgeous to see.

Make sure to pop over, wander through the grounds and see the incredible buildings.

You’ll love it. 

3.) Wat Arun

The Grand Palace And Khlongs Of Bangkok, Thailand (61)

Across the Phraya River is the magnificent temple of Wat Arun.

When sailing on the river, you can see this towering structure that has existed in some form since the 17th century.

At the centre of the complex is the Prang Tower which is encrusted with porcelain. Also, there is an ordination hall, iconic status, and murals dedicated to King Rama V which are all totally worth seeing.

4.) Chatuchak Market

For an authentic slice of local life, the Chatuchak market is the perfect place to head to.

As one of the largest markets in the world, you can walk past over 15,000 individual stalls selling practically anything you can think of. From fresh food and jewellery to brightly coloured clothes and pottery.

Essentially, take your wallet with you here! You’re gonna wanna get your souvenirs in this market. 

Just remember to haggle, it’s almost a sport!

5.) Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

11 Amazing Places And Things You Need To See In Bangkok, Thailand (12)

Whilst the Chatuchak Market is vast and expansive, the Damnoen floating market in Bangkok is absolutely unique and offers a totally different market experience.

Riding along in traditional riverboats, you will float past a variety of different stalls selling fresh fruit and veg and other wares. The food is totally delicious and the experience is epic.

Plus, guided tours are available here and will take you to the best spots, too. This can be handy if you’re looking for spots that aren’t too busy.

If you’re looking to experience a more local side to the city, this is easily one of the best things to do in Bangkok!

6.) Bangkok National Museum

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To balance your Bangkok trip, the National Museum offers an interesting history lesson and up until the 1970s, was the only museum in the country.

Hosted within the complex of the Wang Na Palace, the museum offers an insight into the history of Thailand through a series of artefacts.

For instance, it has; weaponry, musical instruments, pottery, regalia to an impressive series of Buddha statues, you’re bound to leave with a greater appreciation for not just Bangkok, but Thailand as a whole.

7.) Wat Suthat

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Enclosed within a walled complex, Wat Suthat is considered to be one of the most beautiful temples in the country.

Constructed in 1782, this temple is packed full of colour, decoration, and artwork and is quite the visual feast for the eyes.

Plus, the central temple is surrounded by a shimmering marble courtyard, whilst the interior is decorated with a dizzying amount of wall paintings.

8.) Wat Traimit

11 Amazing Places And Things You Need To See In Bangkok, Thailand (3)

Known as the temple of the golden Buddha, Wat Traimit is a wonderful sight in its own right.

Also, the typical Buddhist architecture creates a visually appealing building but the real treat here is the marvellous statue that is hosted inside. It’s a 3.5m solid gold Buddha that weighs a staggering 5.5 tons.

9.) Khao San Road

Possibly the best-known road in all of Bangkok, Khao San has a reputation as something of a traveller’s paradise.

To experience the full-throttle nature of Bangkok, this road delivers quite the sensory overload.

This strip is packed full of street food vendors, clothing stalls, bars and restaurants and is the perfect place to grab a group of your friends and head out to explore together!

10.) Jim Thompson’s House

11 Amazing Places And Things You Need To See In Bangkok, Thailand (10)

A relic from ages past, Jim Thompson was a prominent figure in the Thai silk industry and made huge contributions to the country’s economy.

Today, his house is open to the public and stands as a museum that provides insight into the history of the silk industry together with interesting artefacts and exhibits about Thompson’s life in Thailand.

On paper, this sounds like a dull thing to do but trust me, it’s totally worth the visit.

11.) Boat tour on the Chao Phraya River

The Grand Palace And Khlongs Of Bangkok, Thailand (50)

Snaking through Bangkok and eventually pouring out into the bay of Thailand, the Chao Phraya River is the life-blood of Bangkok and is a busy waterway that offers the perfect chance to see Bangkok from a different angle.

There is a myriad of boat cruises you can take along this expanse of water so you should definitely hop on a boat to truly appreciate this part of Bangkok.  

From your boat, you will see the impressive Bangkok skyline and get to learn about the city’s history from your boat’s skipper.

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