London is a hive of activity and a city that’s so diverse, with so many amazing things to do. That being said, all that choice can make it tough to whittle down a few key places to visit, especially when it comes to the best bars in London. 

Now, there are thousands and thousands of bars in London. In fact, if you visited one of the bars in London each night, it would take you almost nineteen years to visit all of them. That’s a mind-boggling challenge and will probably require 39589433 new livers to complete.

In lieu of trying every single watering hole, I wanted to share some of my favourite and best bars in London that I think you should visit. I’ve popped a fair few favourites from all across the city, hoping that at least one or two will catch your eye. 

From the quirky, hidden and fun bars of Shoreditch, to the pretty darn luxurious, I’m sure you’ll find a spot you like.

Best Bars In London

Take a look at some of the very best bars in London to visit. Have the best time. 

1.) Humble Grape Battersea

11 Best Bars In Edinburgh To Visit (6)

Perched On Battersea Rise, the Humble Grape is one of a few sister properties in London. For me, it’s one of the best bars in London if you love your wine. 

Once inside, speak with the staff that are like encyclopedias of wine and can recommend some delicious choices. Don’t worry though, they also have an epic list of cocktails if wine isn’t your thing. 

Better still, if you visit on a Sunday afternoon, you can pair this up with a proper Sunday Roast. Yum! 

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2.) The Coral Room

11 Best Bars In Edinburgh To Visit (10)

Nestled within the Bloomsbury Hotel, the Coral Room is an intimate little bar that’s really earned its stripes. 

It’s one of the best bars in London to visit if you want a mix of good cocktails (all prepared by mixologists) and live music to boot. Now, it can be a little more expensive than some other joints but it’s well worth it for a treat. 

Just make sure to reserve a table if you want to eat on the weekend, this spot can fill up fast. 

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3.) Happiness Forgets 

11 Best Bars In Edinburgh To Visit (7)

Situated right in the heart of Hoxton Square, Happiness Forgets is one of the best bars in London if you want a speakeasy experience. Now, the bar itself is tiny (and I mean tiny) so make sure to book a table before you rock up. 

That being said, they keep half the tables free from reservations every night, so you can always try your luck whilst in Shoreditch.

Open from 5 pm until 11 pm each night, it’s one of the coolest little haunts to chill out and relax. Plus, they make some pretty fierce cocktails to boot.

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4.) Opium Cocktail And Dimsum Parlour

11 Best Bars In Edinburgh To Visit (5)

Perched right within China Town, Opium Cocktail and Dimsum Parlour is a hidden gem when it comes to the best bars in London. Situated inconspicuously through a small door, Opium is spaced over three floors with some of the best cocktails in all of London.

We ended up stopping at each of the three bars and it was incredible. Just make sure to try their mezcal cocktails, they’re amazing. 

Oh, and book ahead of time. It’s only a small bar and most nights you will need a reservation to get inside. 

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5.) Beaufort Bar

11 Best Bars In Edinburgh To Visit (3)

Another hotel bar, the Beaufort Bar is situated within the Savoy Hotel. Each night, live music is played and they serve up some of the best cocktails in town.

They’ve also got a big range of gin and Scotch Whisky if you fancy too?

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6.) Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour

11 Best Bars In Edinburgh To Visit (2)

Based in Covent Garden, Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour is easily one of the best bars in London if you love gin. Once here, you’ll notice they have a gin list that’s as long as your arm. They house everything from rhubarb, ginger and even more curious flavours of gin.

Just make sure to try something a little new. 

As with most of the best bars in London, make sure to have a reservation before popping over. It does get busy for a little place. 

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7.) Scarlett Green

11 Best Bars In Edinburgh To Visit (9)

Perched on Noel Street, Scarlett Green is the kind of bar that has a drink for everyone. That being said, they also have a totally yummy brunch menu too. 

Once here, lean into the chilled out vibe and explore some of their cocktails which are out-of-this-world. It’s a great little stop if you’re having a lazy Saturday afternoon around central London. For me, it’s a more chilled out but still one of the best bars in London to visit. 

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8.) Ninetyeight Bar & Lounge

11 Best Bars In Edinburgh To Visit (12)

Ninetyeight Bar is easily one of the most kitsch, quirkiest and best bars in all of London. Decked out in an almost fantasy decor, it’s the kind of place where time will just woosh on by. 

Once here, make sure to try the ‘Electric Sun’ cocktail. It’s so incredible and arrives like a potion. 

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9.) Lady Abercorn’s Pub & Kitchen

11 Best Bars In Edinburgh To Visit (11)

For a more typical (but pretty special) pub, then head straight over to Lady Abercorn’s Pub & Kitchen. Based on Liverpool Street, it’s got an old-school feel that harks on back to the Victorian times.

Once here, make sure to grab a pint or go for one of their gin cocktails which are epic. 

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10.) The Dead Dolls House

11 Best Bars In Edinburgh To Visit (13)

Based on Upper Street, the Dead Dolls House might sound scary but it’s pretty amazing. 

Now, if you’re hungry, you can certainly stop for a bite to eat but it’s the cocktails that I love most here. Once you arrive, take a little look at the menu and choose your poison.  

Some firm favourites have to be the ‘English Garden’ and the ‘Mexico Fizz’. Both are totally different (and have a kick to them), so be warned! 

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