We’ve raved about these islands so much on here and we’ve finally gotten round to putting together our video from our visit to the Isles of Scilly!

The beaches are incredible here, the water is crystal clear one of the most Southern parts of England you can visit, the warm winds (a-la the Gulf stream) means its unsurprising to find palm trees and other tropical plants on these islands.

Then there are the people on the islands who are so friendly and welcoming, something you sometimes miss when you live in cities like London where you sometimes never even get to speak to you neighbour.

Visiting the Isles of Scilly is also where I saw those honesty boxes for the first time where no one mans the shops and you just pick up what you want from the shops/stalls and pay into a box there.

It’s truly a unique part of the UK and I’m gonna stop rambling now and show you our video from our time in the Isles of Scilly!


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Come See The UK's Tropical Islands - The Isles Of Scilly (1)

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