England is an incredibly beautiful country filled with so many places to see. Although we’ve got some pretty incredible cities like London, Bath, and Norwich, there are many more amazing and best places in southern England to visit that aren’t just focused on city life. From the little hamlets in the Cotswolds to the stunning Cornish … Continue Reading

These are not even the full blog posts yet! 🙂 There are photos that were meant to go on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (I took them on my phone) but seeing as I ended up taking so many, it’s proven to be a struggle to get them all up on any of those so I figured … Continue Reading

Lots of people know about the larger islands of Europe: Great Britain, Ireland, Sicily and many more but there are many smaller (but no less breathtaking) islands that we often forget or bypass on our quest to visit while travelling around Europe. Some of the islands are “off the beaten track” so to speak, while … Continue Reading

The very next morning, we got up bright and early and set off on a trip to the island of Bryher (which, by the way, is right next to Tresco island). Okay, I’m being liberal with the truth here – I did not get up ‘bright and early’. I’m not a fan of waiting around … Continue Reading

Our trip to the Isles of Scilly was one that has been long-awaited! Earlier this year, I said to Lloyd how much I wanted to see more of the UK and Ireland. Case in point – living in Edinburgh a while back, I had taken it for granted and it was only after a long stint … Continue Reading

We’ve raved about these islands so much on here and we’ve finally gotten round to putting together our video from our visit to the Isles of Scilly! The beaches are incredible here, the water is crystal clear one of the most Southern parts of England you can visit, the warm winds (a-la the Gulf stream) … Continue Reading

After a rather cloudy but ridiculously beautiful day in Tresco, the sun upped its game the next day and we headed off to go explore another island we’d wanted to for a while – St Agnes! This meant sailing past an old favourite – Bryher… …with Lloyd pretending (to himself mostly) that he was the … Continue Reading

Seeing as we’d both skipped breakfast earlier in the day, due to a ridiculous lack of planning on both our parts, lunch time at the Fraggle Rock bar was most certainly a much anticipated affair! It took me all of two seconds to decide what to have – fish and chips all round and a … Continue Reading

The Isles of Scilly are a little-known (and some may say, secret) gem in the UK. Only 30 miles or so from Great Britain, the islands are basked in a tropical haze that we can only ever wish for in London! Yes, you read that correctly, the islands are a tropical gem that is perfect … Continue Reading

Afternoon naps are an amazing thing aren’t they? They leave you so refreshed and all geared up to explore the world! (Even when they last for just an hour). Spurred by this new found energy, we left the Isles of Scilly Country Guesthouse (which at this point was basking in the island sunshine and ventured out … Continue Reading

The Scilly Isles are one of those ‘secret’ destinations that not many people hear about, but that’s gotta’ change! It seems like us Brits have been keeping this beauty spot to our selves, sorry! ☺ Situated 30 miles or so, off Cornwall – this archipelago of Atlantic islands are a truly spectacular wonder for a … Continue Reading

Remember how I said on St Agnes Island, there’s a second island attached to it via a beach (which is actually officially called a ‘Tombolo’). Well, that island is called Gugh and so after lunch at the Turk’s head, we made our way straight for Gugh… but instead got distracted by the beach and decided to … Continue Reading

There’s definitely something about in the air when you’re by the seaside that leaves you absolutely knackered by the end of the day. It may also be in part due to the fact that everything is so picturesque (and the weather is so amazing) that you end up spending every minute exploring the length and … Continue Reading

Long story short – it’s as beautiful as they said it would be! 🙂 I’ve been going a bit crazy with the photos and taking pictures of anything and everything here! The water is as clear as you hear/read about, the beaches as sandy and the food impeccable! 🙂 There are times when you have … Continue Reading