Cornwall is one of those areas in England that is just too beautiful to miss. Perched on the western leg of Great Britain, it’s one of the most southerly points in the UK. Best of all, there are so many amazing things to see in Cornwall that you’ll wanna go back again and again. From … Continue Reading

Let’s be frank, charming seaside trips are amazing. I mean, at the first sight of sunshine (or dry even dry weather for that matter) us Brits rush to the sea. It’s in our blood! Especially in Cornwall, where there’s a whole heap of pretty seaside towns and coastlines to explore. If you’ve never had a … Continue Reading

Let’s face it – most people don’t really think “I need a beach holiday“… quickly followed by “Ah yes, England is where we’ll go!” but the sunnier climes of Cornwall are definitely the exception to that rule! This is no surprise to us (and indeed to most Brits) but can be surprising to visitors who … Continue Reading

We’ve raved about these islands so much on here and we’ve finally gotten round to putting together our video from our visit to the Isles of Scilly! The beaches are incredible here, the water is crystal clear one of the most Southern parts you can visit in the UK, the warm winds (a-la the Gulf … Continue Reading

Funny thing is, you never really think of beaches when you think of the UK… We’ve got he bright lights of London, the historic lure of Edinburgh and even the rustic charm of the Cotswolds that draw people near and far but the UK is about so much more than these ‘obvious choices’. This being … Continue Reading

The Scilly Isles are one of those ‘secret’ destinations that not many people hear about, but that’s gotta’ change! It seems like us Brits have been keeping this beauty spot to our selves, sorry! ☺ Situated 30 miles or so, off Cornwall – this archipelago of Atlantic islands are a truly spectacular wonder for a … Continue Reading

We recently went for the most magical Cornish wedding of our ‘bestest’ friends! The wedding itself was sooooooo much fun, as all weddings should be! The gorgeous Bride even walked down the isle to the Jurassic Park theme tune, which was immense! 🙂 While we were in Cornwall, we managed to experience some beautiful stately … Continue Reading

Cornwall is a delightful gem (in the south-west of the UK) and one of the few places in the UK that boasts brilliant weather! The beaches are amazing, the people delightful and the clotted cream delicious! There are so many reasons to visit Cornwall and here are a few…