Anyone who’s ever been to Bali knows (and will happily tell you) that the best things to do in Bali are all pretty much found outdoors. The best parties – outdoors. The best restaurants – outdoors. The best beaches (you guessed it) – outdoors. Even the temples are open airs and outdoors. In fact, some … Continue Reading

Thailand is a place that always surprises me. I remember the first time I visited – we were heading to Phuket and then to Phi Phi Islands – and I just had such a totally different expectation of Thailand. Movie and TV shows I’d seen had depicted it as a hectic, manic and uber-humid place … Continue Reading

Nepal is a beautiful country and one that’s just so incredible. I’m going to try not to waffle too much, or to sound too cheesy but Nepal is one of those countries that really is awe-inspiring and totally diverse. I mean, before my visit, I only thought the best places to visit in Nepal would … Continue Reading

On our penultimate day in Bali, we finally decided to see what was actually some of the most obvious spots to visit in Bali but ones we’d never gotten round to seeing (like not the last time we’d visit and not even on this current trip). We started off with one ‘closer to home’ – … Continue Reading

In keeping with our sightseeing plans Bali, after our day exploring stunning temples and waterfalls, we decided to have one day off just spent relaxing! On this one day off, I decided we had to spend that day on the beach, at Sundays Beach Club in Bali.  The others took some convincing, however. You see, … Continue Reading

About 5 minutes away from Pura Bratan in Bali lies a spot that increasingly popular in Bali – almost to a point that it’s become something of an iconic landmark in Bali (you see it and you know the photo was taken in Bali) and that spot is, get this – an entrance to a … Continue Reading

Malaysia is one beautiful country to explore, with some world-class beaches, beautiful scenery and vibrant cities… and guess what, Kuala Lumper is no exception. Now, if you’re looking for some of the best places to see in Kuala Lumpur, then hopefully I can help ya out with some gorgeous spots you shouldn’t miss on your … Continue Reading

After a day off spent doing not much but relaxing, visiting the Monkey forest and getting two massages – the latter of which was a Thai massage where someone walks all over you (Oh, how I hurt the next day!), we decided to start our trip around the island with a visit to Nungnung waterfalls. … Continue Reading

My first visit to the Monkey Forest was fraught with an unnecessary amount of anxiety. One of us, can’t remember who it was (all I know is that it wasn’t me 😀 ) mentioned how the monkeys in the forest were kinda crazy and would attack people for food or even for things like their … Continue Reading

Bali’s Tukad Cepung Waterfall is a waterfall I’d never really heard of before we visited. Tirta Empul Temple and Mount Batur Volcano, I was fairly familiar with, having visited the latter last time we were here but Tukad Cepung Waterfall was something that only came onto our radars when our driver suggested that as one … Continue Reading

The Tegalalang rice terraces in Ubud And Gunung Kawi Temple (also referred to as Pura Gunung Kawi) are some of the most important spots to visit in Bali. The day after our ridge walk in Bali, the biggest thing we did all day was to go get massages. Like seriously – one in the morning … Continue Reading

After a rather long journey from London, we arrived in Bali late at night. By the time we actually then left the airport and arrived in our villa in Ubud, it was well past midnight! You’d think that would mean going straight to be once we arrived but instead, armed with beers we’d picked up … Continue Reading

There are so many things to do in Sri Lanka. It’s a country that’s so diverse and somewhere you’re almost guaranteed to find some places you love. Whether you’re heading to the national parks on the search for elephants, exploring the incredible temples or enjoying some well-deserved rest on the best beaches, it’s an island country … Continue Reading

Our trip to Tokyo was one of our most ambitious trips yet! For starters, we had absolutely no plans to actually go to Tokyo when we first headed out this way – we actually were only ever meant to go to Seoul. As with any good travel plan, after a few glasses of wine with … Continue Reading