The inspiration behind this post comes from me trying to play this game with Lloyd over dinner in Lille and getting strange looks from him while he obsessed over his camembert!

*Side note – I tasted the camembert and I have to admit – I get it, I wouldn’t have paid attention to myself if I had ordered that for dinner!

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Rather than playing the game all by myself, I thought it would be fun to see what you come up with! The game is fairly simple – we have 10 European countries on a list and all you have to do is say the first word that comes to mind when you think of the country! As long as it’s not offensive, any word is allowed! For instance, if you said “France”, I’d say “Fashion”… you get my drift!

The 10 countries are – France, The UK, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Austria, Norway, Italy and Belgium

To kick things off – here are my answers for the 10 countries and my words!

1.) France – Fashion

2.) The UK – Rain

3.) Spain – Food

4.) Portugal – Wine

5.) Greece – Sunshine

6.) Germany – Grunge (thanks to Berlin. Before Berlin, this word would have been Christmas)

7.) Austria – Skiing

8.) Norway – Fjord

9.) Italy – Pasta

10.) Switzerland – Chocolates

And looking back at my list, I can see a pattern here – the weighting towards food and wine is perhaps more apparent than I should publicly admit to! 🙂

YOUR TURN – What words  would you associate with these European countries?

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