Okay, so this isn’t normally the type of post I write, but I really wanted to share something personal with you. Over the course of the last 18 months, my weight has slowly crept up by 24lb (almost 11kg)! At first I didn’t notice it… then, after a while, I tried to “ignore” it until … Continue Reading

The world has no shortage of diverse cultures, individuals and indeed, benchmarks for success. Everyone seems to be constantly chasing one goal or the other regardless of what part of the world they live in yet one of the biggest things that travelling across the world always highlights is how similar we all are. We’re all different but … Continue Reading

Some of these you may already know. Some of these may be new. In any case, it’s always worth remembering each of these steps – especially so when you have a deep yearning to travel and it somehow just seems like its an unrealistic goal. These steps also apply to so many other things in life outside … Continue Reading

Following on from my post on “10 Reasons You Don’t Need To Quit Your Job To Travel The World!” I figured I should detail practical tips and tricks to help you hold your job and travel the world. A fundamental principle to a happy lifestyle is balance and so it’s important that you find the … Continue Reading

I’m a huge fan of travel and I’m pretty certain you are too. Before I go on however, I would like to point out that this post is in no way trying to have a dig at those amazing people who have quit their jobs to travel the world. To leave a job and travel … Continue Reading

Travelling is a unique, no matter how many of us go the similar places or have similar experiences, our time and experience of travelling is always different…. It’s a personal experience that we are able to shape, mould and continue to grow from. One of the biggest things that I think travelling has allowed me … Continue Reading

These are random thoughts that either crossed my mind (which I knew I had to share with you) plus one that really struck a chord with me. Hope in some little way, this adds a little something to your day… 1.) Don’t always accept what people say as being correct all the time, even when … Continue Reading

Today, while I was randomly perusing Pinterest (and simultaneous nursing my post-lunch food belly), I came across a couple of rather interesting photography cheat sheets that I haven’t seen around but which I find pretty much on the money. Usually I’m not a fan of sharing infographics or anything that looks remotely like one (I’m not … Continue Reading

My love for travelling started at an early age… and I remember the very first long-haul family vacation to Antigua! I particularly remember how much I loved the journey, the buckled seat belt that clicked in with ease… little pear flavoured sweets to suck, alleviating my “ear-popping” and views that took you away from the … Continue Reading

Train travel is perhaps one of the best ways to explore the UK – especially if you don’t drive. Aww heck, even if you do drive, it’s still so much easier to get on a train, relax and watch the cities and countryside whiz past. Plus, it’s pretty easy to get around the country and … Continue Reading

And no, I don’t mean TV programmes. 🙂 I mean actually official schemes run by different countries to help people come to their countries to experience it in all it’s glory and fullness. 1.) United Kingdom: The Tier 5 Youth Mobility programme. Open to people from a limited set of countries between the age of … Continue Reading

Before we get started though (here’s a heads up), you need one thing if you’re gonna do it this way – flexibility. (You’ll see why later). I’m not talking about flexibility in the sense of being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want (let’s face it, most of us have work or lifestyle schedules which … Continue Reading

Group holidays can be the best or the worst type of holidays to go on. A great test of your friendship is to go on holidays with said friends and if you come back, even stronger friends, then it’s safe to say that it was meant to be! Well, you don’t need to leave everything … Continue Reading

Travel can be a bit of hard work sometimes. Yes, yes – it’s ultimately fun to travel however the hassle of almost stripping to your underwear when going through security check (well, it sure feels like that sometimes), hauling luggage around the city, worrying about catching your connections and so many other things that are … Continue Reading