There are so many reasons why people travel; business, pleasure, adventure!

The list goes on and on but perhaps something that’s not always thought about is how travel makes you happy.

Yes, yes, we know that travel generally makes you happy but it’s usual happiness in that unarticulated, inexplicable, carefree way where you feel happy but can’t really hone in on why.

This is not a bad thing; in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

It’s great to be happy, even when you can’t explain why but for those who are interested, or indeed looking for motivation to book their next trip away, here are a few ways travel can add to your happiness.

1.) It expands your horizons

Best Things To Do In Bath, England (2)

You get to see a lot of things in a different light and it truly helps puts a lot of trivial things you might usually worry about into perspective and realise that it’s not worth spending any more of your time worrying about said things.

2.) The sense of freedom 

best things to do in Shanghai (12)

You set your mind to doing something and achieved it.

Suddenly, those goals you were too scared to chase after, those dreams that seemed so big suddenly seem a lot smaller and quite achievable after your travels.

Not only is that feeling a truly joyous one but it’s also one that leads to you living a fuller life filled with lots of possibilities and goals-conquering.

3.) You learn a lot along the way

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You might learn a new language, you might learn more about a different culture, you might learn how to prepare a new meal.

The point is, there’s a lot of potentials for you to learn new things and grow as a person and this kind of growth can truly contribute to you being a more well-rounded and happier person.

4.) You are seeing a plan you have come to life

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Travel usually involves some sort of planning. How do you get there? Where should you stay?

What should you do when you get there?

It’s truly rewarding to see all these plans (that YOU made) come alive when you travel and the experience is quite exhilarating in itself.

5.) Making new friends

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 It’s easy to make new friends when you travel; sometimes even easier than making friends at home.

Think about it, you’ve probably got a lot more in common with these people you meet travelling.

If it’s a fellow traveller, then you probably share the same restless passion for wandering the globe and see a lot of things in a more similar light than most.

If it’s a local, chances are that by venturing into each other’s world’s you share a similar sense of curiosity in people and perhaps cultures outside of your own.

6.) You get to exercise more

Best Things To Do In Melbourne (14)

You do more physical work moving around when you travel than perhaps you would do at home and not only does this help keep you fit and healthy, exercise has also been shown to help your body release endorphins which help make you more energise and more positive.

7.) You discover new passions

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When you’re off on your travels, there is that potential for you to discover certain things that make you truly happy that you may otherwise not have found at home.

These things could be anything from a favourite meal to the “love of your life”.

Whatever your “thing” is, it makes you a happier person and travelling to find the said thing is definitely worth it.

8.) It can be fun

Epic Things To Do In Wales (21)

Full stop.

Partying with friends, relaxing on a great beach, eating brilliant food, all of it.

Travelling can be the release you’ve craved for weeks/months and this is a very good thing.

9.) The opportunity to say I’ve been there

Epic Things To Do In Wales (12)

With the wrong crowd, this might be considered showing off but with good friends, it’s acceptable (they would do the same thing too if the shoe was on the other foot).

Plus, deep down, it gives you a sense of joy and satisfaction to know that you’ve gotten to experience said place first-hand.

10.) The discovery of new bargains

Lloyd Running Away From Geyser in Geysir, Iceland


Chances are that when you travel, you’ll get the opportunity to find things that you can’t get back at home and as long as they’re legal, I say “Go crazy”!

You’ll not only appreciate having access to these things while you’re away (whatever that “thing” is for you), you’ll also appreciate having them when you get back home.

Unless they’re edible, of course, and you’ve eaten then all.

which is still fine as it would have made you happy anyway at the time in which you were eating them.

Case in point, me buying over 7 freshly made Belgian waffles to scoff when I got back home in London. I ate 5 on the train ride back.

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