A while back, I remember a particular UK University (with a permanent fixture in the lower half of the league tables) saying no to me when I applied to them. This year, I graduated from University of Cambridge (top in the UK and arguably in the world).

I also recollect a few years back being turned down for a credit card (despite already having had one). A couple of months later, I bought my first home with a mortgage from the same company.

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Earlier this year, I was talking to a friends about starting a travel blog and they said categorically not to try opening one. Cut to today, 6 months after starting Hand Luggage Only and I have made over 60,000 friends across the world who come each month to join in my adventures and share theirs with me on Hand Luggage Only. (And yes, I’m talking to YOU! 🙂 THANK YOU!!! ;-))

What’s the point behind all of this? The point is that sometimes when we get told no, it’s easy to let that define us and stop us from doing what we know in our heart to be true. My message to you today (cheesy as it sounds) is short and simple – regardless of what anyone says to you, never give up on your dreams and aspirations.

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Indeed, I have been told no so many other times in the past and gone ahead to do things that have surpassed not just nay-sayer’s expectations but indeed mine too. People can say no to you for several reasons and these reasons are sometimes limited by their own perceptions of the world and not by your potential to achieve much more than they realise.

Refuse to be defined by people telling you no – especially when you know deep down that the answer should be a definite resounding yes – carry on till you get you YES!

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