Creative individuals fascinate me constantly! I’m always impressed by people who can create something out of nothing and I really appreciate the talents, skills and abilities possessed by said individuals.

Below are some of said creative and inspiring women (outside of the women in my life) whose talents have stood out to me for some reason or the other (which I will elaborate on further below). Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of creative or indeed inspiring women, it’s just one that has been on my mind recently as some piece of work or the other that these ladies have been involved with has caught my attention at some point over the past few weeks:

N.B.: There will be similar version of this post focused on inspiring men coming up soon!

4 Inspiring Creative Women! (3)

1.) The Photographer: It’s fairly easy to buy expensive photography equipment (if you can afford it) and indeed even easier to click on the shutter to take a picture however, none of these things guarantee that you will get a fantastic photo. Karen Blanchard of WhereDidUGetThat is one of those people out there that can both spot interesting composition and subjects and capture moments that result in really powerful imagery. As amazing as that sounds, that’s not the only thing amazing about Karen – other fascinating and inspiring aspects to Karen is how she manages to repurpose used or inexpensive items and put a D.I.Y twist on them that will leave you gaping in wonder about how she knew said otherwise mundane item would turn out as amazing as it eventually does. Karen also has a unique style that caters to no one really and this fact makes her standout constantly (in any city, anywhere in the world, Karen’s eclectic fashion sense will always guarantee an impressed double take from passers by).

4 Inspiring Creative Women! (2)

2.) The Storyteller: Rosie from The Londoner is another fascinating individual. I’m not entirely sure how long she’s been blogging for but her blog posts are absolutely fantastic thanks to Rosie’s ability to take anything and turn it into a brilliant tale. She’s not shy in her use of photography and while her photos may not always be the best quality (though most times they’re pretty darn good), Rosie’s ability to string her words and photos into a fascinating tale of her life in London and indeed of her travels outside of London is what will keep you going back for more (and more). I’m pretty sure a bird could poop on a car and all I’d need to go is give Rosie a camera and a macbook and she’d somehow manage to turn this into a fascinating tale. The ability to keep people interested in regular everyday events is nothing short of impressive.

4 Inspiring Creative Women! (4)

3.) The Illustrator: I think by now we all know how terrible I am at drawing! I can reproduce a drawing if asked but to create a drawing from scratch without any template or guide, I’m afraid I would struggle. This is a large part of why I find Garance Dore‘s creativity rather inspiring. Her sketches and drawings are absolutely amazing and I love the style in which they are done. Usually I would try to include a photo of Garance on here but I think the best way to show off Garance is to show off her work.

4 Inspiring Creative Women! (5)

4.) The Graphic Designer: Shini Park of Park n Cube is the inspiration behind this list of inspiring women. I happened upon this post Shini did (above) with Gucci and I just love what she’s done with it. She’s gone above and beyond what most people (myself included) would do if asked to do something similar – i.e. whip out my camera and take a few smiling (or perhaps even pensive) photo with the items in said blog post. She created pretty much everything from nothing but her own imagination and that is f**gging impressive! I know some people might be inclined to think “Well surely, the fact that she was working with Gucci on that post must have been the reason why she’s ended up with an amazing blog post” but if you look back at Shini’s previous posts, you’ll see that her designs and blog styles are consistently amazing (don’t believe me – check out the second picture below). I’m amazed at how she’s created something so beautiful and captivating from several lines of computer code.
4 Inspiring Creative Women! (1)

And there you have it, 4 women who inspire on the basis of their sheer creativity.

Who are the creative women who find inspiring (asides the obvious women in your family)? Do share! (And if you have photos or screenshots of what they get up to, please share that too in the comments below).

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