There are literally hundreds of millions of blogs out there today and so you’d be easily forgiven for finding the prospect of starting a new blog rather daunting.

That being said, there are so many reasons why you definitely should start a new blog. If you find yourself identifying with one of these reasons, then I suggest that you drop what you’re doing right now and get started on creating your new blog!

1.) You have a story you want to tell. You’ve got some pretty cool experiences and telling your friends just isn’t enough! You want to tell the world (or at least, pretty much anyone who will listen to you). The solution is easy here – get started on your new blog.
2.) You took a set of amazing photos (or even videos) and want to show it off. Don’t even try to act all modest here. Your photos are constantly popular on Facebook, racking up those ‘Wow’s and you have a knack for constantly capturing really engaging photos and videos. The best part is, you’d like to share this with a much wider audience – methinks it’s time to get your blogging on!
3.) You want to look for like-minded people to share their passions with. You’re really passionate about travel/food/makeup/cars/whatever and would like the opportunity to talk to more people about your passions.
4.) You love to learn (and teach). You’re the one person everyone turns to for that special D.I.Y tip or that recipe that has everyone drooling at home or in your parties. You can hold out no longer – it’s time for you to share your brilliance with the world!
5.) You love reading blogs. You love blogs generally and identify with the personal stories being told on the internet. It’s high time you started telling your own story (whilst still reading your fave blogs of course). You’ll definitely be pleasantly surprised at how good sharing your stories will feel!
6.) You want to keep a shareable (online) diary. You’ve got the memory of a goldfish and know that if you don’t write down your experiences, you’re bound to forget the full and finer details of it come 12 months. Get started with writing your online diary to keep your memories fresh. (Did you know that the people who check Facebook photo albums the most are album owners? Turns out online journaling like that serves a bigger purpose than giving you a chance to show off your latest holiday photos – they’re a pretty concise way of collecting your memories!)
7.) To keep family and friends updated. You’re out and about, exploring new places and you want to keep everyone back at home updated on what you’ve been getting up to. This sounds cliche as that’s the reason most bloggers give for why they started blogging but it’s a genuinely legit reason to start a blog. In fact, the very first blogs I started reading were blogs specifically written for family and friends.
8.) To vent. Frustrated with something you feel needs to change? Or perhaps you just need to air your opinion on a topic you feel rather passionately about. Blogging is a good venting outlet – as long as it’s not done aggressively, of course, no one needs any negativity or aggressiveness – you can still make your point, retain your passion and be pleasant about it all.
9.) To help create new opportunities. Without beating around the bush, blogging can be a great way to get your message out there and pretty much sell your talents. Aspiring writers, beauticians, photographers, chefs, personal shoppers..etc can definitely use blogging to further their commercial enterprises, attract a wider audience and hence create new opportunities for themselves.
10.) To have fun and explore your creative side! There’s no better reason to blog that to just have fun and explore a more creative side of yourself. When you’re blogging for fun, there’s absolutely no pressure and you get to do basically whatever the h*ll you want! 🙂
Once you decide to get started with blogging, head over here to get started on creating your new blog.

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