London has literally thousands of coffee shops, house and bars that line the streets of London Town. From Notting Hill to Camden, Hackney to Soho and Shoreditch to Covent Garden, you will find it hard placed to not find a decent Chai Latte, Flat White or a gingerbread latte in a unique and cosy setting. Yum! 🙂

Londoners are truly blessed with an array of amazing coffee shops that seem to be a stone’s throw away from each of our stomping grounds – but sometimes, this choice can make it even harder to find ‘your’ coffee shop – especially if you’re looking for a more unique or independent establishment.

Here are my favourite coffee shops that I try to visit – they may not have a fancy app, or coffee card or branded mugs for sale, but they sure will give you a mighty good coffee with some sending all their profits to charity! See my favourites below.

12 Unique And Independent Coffee Shops You Must Try In London (22)

1.) The Attendant 

Best Coffee In Toronto (6)

Visit this underground coffee shop that sits in an old Victorian public lavatory! Sounds Yucky right? Wrong!

The original urinals and water tanks are still residing inside, but nowadays The Attendant is a plush little coffee house that every visitor and Londoner should try at least once. Head here around 11 am on a weekday, where you can usually bag a seat.

A uniquely London take on coffee culture that serves some of the best coffee from Caravan at Exmouth Market. Based in: Foley Street, W1.

2.) Change Please Coffee Carts

Best Coffee In Toronto (9)

One of my favourite ideas I’ve seen in a long, long time. If your looking to buy coffee, but want to make sure that your money is making a difference, grab a freshly ground coffee from one of the ‘Change Please’ Coffee carts that are stationed around our city.

Each coffee cart is worked and run by homeless people who have been employed to make coffee buying a much more ethical experience – just like ‘Big Issue’ Magazine sellers, ‘Change Please’ not only invests their profits back into helping the homeless but also allows people in need to learn a new trade as a barista. Truly a coffee with a heart! Based in: All around London.

3.) Coffee, Cake & Kisses

15 Of The Best Areas In London You Have To Visit (2)

One of London’s first crowd-funded eateries and coffee houses.  This cafe was set up to create relationships with each other regardless of race, sexuality, gender or nationality.

There’s a small little room where couples can even talk in more privacy and even the opportunity to leave your thoughts posted on the wall. Definitely a one of a kind coffee experience in London where they make some delicious treats too. Based on Warren Street, W1.

4.) Watch-house Coffee

Based on Bermondsey Street, the old watch-house was originally used to keep an eye out for grave-robbers that would frequent the local cemetery in previous centuries. Nowadays, this cute little coffee shop is a perfect place to grab an espresso or lovingly made coffee.

They also feature a range of locally produced artwork too. Based in: postcode, SE1.

5.) The Wren

Best Coffee In Toronto (8)

The Wren is perched within St Nicholas Cole Abbey, giving a spectacular setting to sit down, relax and take in the beauty of this building.

All proceeds from The Wren go into helping St Nicholas Abbey and St Nick’s Talks that happen every week. Based in: Postcode, EC4V.

6.) NANA

Best Coffee In Toronto (12)

This pop-up coffee experience happens every weekday between 10-3pm within the period building of the Elderfield Pub in East London. NANA was set up and is run by older generations within the community.

Allowing some of the most isolated people in society to make friends and create a unique and special project for the whole community to enjoy, while making fabulous coffee (and tea of course). Based in: Postcode, E7.

7.) Kaffeine

Best Coffee In Toronto (7)

A great location in the bustling centre of London, Kaffeine is an intimate coffee shop that embraces the coffee culture of cities like Melbourne in Australia.

They make some epic desserts too! Based on: Titchfield Street, W1W.

8.) Southwark Playhouse

Best Coffee In Toronto (5)

The Southwark Playhouse is based just off Elephant and Castle’s now-vanished round-a-bout.

Although this space is primarily a theatre, they have one of the best coffee shops in South London, which are lovingly made. The great thing about this venue is it’s amazing coffee it serves at reasonable prices. A perfect place to visit on a Saturday afternoon that could be tied in with a show or two?

Based in: Elephant and Castle.

9.) The Artworks

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Another South London creation, the artworks in Elephant and Castle is very much similar to Box Park in Shoreditch – but for local businesses.

Shipping containers have been brought in and created an artistic and vibrant place to eat, drink and enjoy the creativity of this area.

A perfect place to find the right coffee for you! Based in: Elephant and Castle

10.) Cabbie Coffee

12 Unique And Independent Coffee Shops You Must Try In London (9)

You might see Cabbie Coffee in the amazing Camden Market, where a black cab is kitted out with coffee machines and ‘all that jazz’ to make the perfect coffee or brew.

In winter they sometimes serve mulled wine or hot cider too. Yum! 

Based in: Camden Market

11.) Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

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A cafe filled with cats? yup, it’s finally arrived on London’s Bethnal Green Road. Take an hour or so and experience Lady Dinah’s, grab yourself a latte and start snuggling with your newfound BFF (Best-Feline-Friend)  😉

Based on Bethnal Green Road, E2.

12.) Shoreditch Grind

Best Coffee In Toronto (1)

This late-night cafe bar is a busy and intimate place to quickly grab a good quality coffee. Never quiet, the Shoreditch Grind has become somewhat of an institution around the Old Street area of London.

Alternatively, head over to Greenwich Grind for their lovely cafe and bar that’s right next to Greenwich Market.

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