Upon arrival in Hong Kong, as any good traveller would, we hurried off to our hotel to drop off our stuff while taking in some of the city on our ride in.

First Impressions Of Hong Kong! (11)

Luckily, we got upgraded to a two-bedroom suite at the hotel with amazing views all round (more on that on another post).

Before we did anything else though, we had our priorities straight and headed up to check out the hotel’s rooftop bar!

First Impressions Of Hong Kong! (1)

Actually, before I even go into that here were a few first impressions of Hong Kong (whether or not those impressions were valid will be decided in another post):

1.) It is very busy! Like jam-packed! I always imagined London was pretty hectic and even having been in Lagos, Nigeria for quite a while I always assumed I’d be used to having lots of people in a small space but I wasn’t quite prepared for how manic Hong Kong was.

2.) It is a tourist’s city. Lots of tourists come to visit Hong Kong from all over the world and it showed. There were loads of people packing ridiculously large cameras everywhere with pretty much everything but a tourist sign on their foreheads to show that they were visiting Kong Kong (myself included).

3.) It is hot! Like very very hot! Not humid hot like Singapore (though it is humid) but like really harsh sunlight kinda heat! This of-course means that you can dress quite relaxed as you explore the town.

4.) The food is really good here! In big restaurants and in tiny little family-run restaurants. People really cherish their food here and it shows.

5.) The city is so pretty when lit up at night! Enough to make you sigh in contentment into your wine glass.

6.) As with any city, it can also be quite dirty though not in the way you’d expect. The streets aren’t littered. They don’t stink (at least if they do, I appear to have missed those ones). The dirt I’m referring to here is the buildings. Some appear to have gathered dust and are finding it hard to shake it off. You’ll see what I mean in the pictures.

7.) Speaking of buildings, the buildings are also pretty tall here!

8.) Being black in Hong Kong is kinda cool! I kept getting asked to have my photos taken with tourists that I ended up leaving with a king-sized ego! This happened as well in Thailand but not as much as it did in Hong Kong! If only I could find a way to parlay all that photo taking into free slap-up meals!

So where was I? Right. We dropped our stuff off in our suite and headed up to the bar where the views across Hong Kong were pretty great. Watching the sunset from this vantage point was pretty cool too!

First Impressions Of Hong Kong! (2)

First Impressions Of Hong Kong! (3) First Impressions Of Hong Kong! (4)

See what I mean about the buildings?

First Impressions Of Hong Kong! (5)

Soon enough, the wine started to kick in and the holiday selfies began!

First Impressions Of Hong Kong! (6)

First Impressions Of Hong Kong! (7) First Impressions Of Hong Kong! (8)

Like I said before, Hong Kong is quite the picture at night.

First Impressions Of Hong Kong! (9)

Even this street below looked so different at night that it did in the daytime picture above.

First Impressions Of Hong Kong! (10)

All in all, pretty good first impressions of Hong Kong and we left the bar filled with enthusiasm and promise to go and explore what Hong Kong had to offer.

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