Within the first few hours of visiting Hong Kong, I was already convinced that this was a place I could very easily call ‘home’ even if just for a few months or so. Coming from London and then living in Singapore like I was at the time, Hong Kong just felt so familiar. The amazing restaurants, … Continue Reading

Hong Kong is a beautiful part of wider China and somewhere I had always wanted to visit! Technically, Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China and so it’s in a lot of ways both part of and distinct from mainland China. Originally, I grew up in rural west Wales – which is a far … Continue Reading

The general theme? Random photos of places, things and people I saw while walking around in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is such a vibrant and chaotic city and in that sense rivals any other global city and yet, within all this hustle and bustle, you can still manage to find calm little oasis of serenity! … Continue Reading

These are all cities I have had the pleasure of visiting at one time or the other and while I love travelling to many cities and spending a few days there, coming from London, there are very few cities where I’ve been left thinking “I could live here..” after a visit. Connecting with a city, … Continue Reading

2014 was the year that Hand Luggage Only was truly born! Lloyd and I started toying with the idea of Hand Luggage Only back in 2012 after travelling around at every opportunity possible and accumulating quite a lot of travel photos so after a bit of “to’ing” and “fro’ing” we finally decided to go for … Continue Reading

Ngong Ping Village is one place you definitely have to visit when in Hong Kong. It’s such a different scene from the mainland’s bright lights, fast cars and concrete, glass & steel towers. To get to the village, you can either take a cable car (the Ngong Ping 360) which is an experience on it’s own. It’s … Continue Reading

Upon arrival in Hong Kong, as any good traveller would, we hurried off to our hotel to drop off our stuff while taking in some of the city on our ride in. Luckily, we got upgraded to a two bedroom suite at the hotel with amazing views all round (more on that on another post). … Continue Reading

The art of selfie-ing is a truly delicate one. 🙂 It takes a lot to get the right balance of face and background in the photos but once mastered can cement your position as the envy of all ‘your Facebook friends’. “Your Facebook friends’ however are very different from ‘Your friends on Facebook’ and unfortunately, … Continue Reading

Bit of background: I’ve been quite lucky to have spent the last few months living outside of the UK. Funnily enough, for all my love of travelling, I’d never been to Asia before and so this was  a summer of firsts. The first opportunity I got, I packed as much travel as possible into every … Continue Reading

A quick journey through Hong Kong via a collection of photos I took. Needless to say, more detailed blog posts with tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your time and money when visiting will be coming up soon but for now, take a little journey through Hong Kong… Buddhist Monk … Continue Reading