Birmingham is England’s second biggest city but is often overlooked by visitors and even us Brits. Why, you might ask? Let’s not pretend that none of us gets swayed by the glossy images of London, the quaint towns of the Cotswolds, or the historic charm of Edinburgh for example… even with all the secret spots in Birmingham.

From quirky shopping districts, beautiful art galleries to the downright unusual, there are so many unique and secret spots in Birmingham to explore. Now, some of the secret spots will be totally known by locals, but I’m hopeful they’ll be totally new if it’s your first time in the city. 🇬🇧

9 Secret Spots You Never Knew Existed In Birmingham, England (1)

Take a look below at some of the secret spots in Birmingham.

1.) Visit a gin parlour

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Possibly one of the tastiest secret spots in Birmingham, The Jekyll & Hyde is one of the most unique little bars.

Gin lover or not, this attractive parlour will get you sipping on a sloe gin as quick as a flash! Peruse their unique little cocktails which even includes drinking gin out of a bath.

The stuff dreams are made of! ✨

2.) Feel the heat at a legendary chilli Festival

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In autumn, one of the secret spots in Birmingham that keeps the heat going is the Chilli Festival (that consumes Brindley Place). Expect lots of tears, firey mouths and lots of real-life Johnny Cash lyrics inspired situations, if you catch my drift.

Choose to enter their eating competition and chow down on some of the most potent little chillis in all the world.

3.) Discover Birmingham’s secret beach

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Step inside the Prince of Wales Bar in Moseley, one of the most unlikely places in all of England. From the outside, this bar looks like any other but step inside to awaken your inner-Caribbean vibe that’s one of the more secret spots in Birmingham.

During certain nights of the week, the Prince of Wales hosts fun-fuelled limbo parties, private little beach huts, tropical bands and even a beach that’ll have you speaking in more of a Hawaiian accent than Brummie twang. 🤗

4.) Become Rapunzel for a weekend

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Perrott’s Tower has called Birmingham home for almost 300 years and almost looks fit for the Rapunzel with her long flowing hair.

Legend has it that Perrott’s Tower inspired J. R. R. Tolkien (who lived nearby) with key references to use in his The Lord of the Rings books. who knew?

5.) Explore the Coffin Works in the Jewellery Quarter

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In the midst of bustling Birmingham is what local’s call the golden triangle. Filled with an array of stunning gold and precious gems, the Jewellery Quarter is a one of a kind place. With clusters of independent jewellers, this historic quarter is the perfect place for some more unique rings and even precious Welsh gold that is sourced just across the border.

Head inside the Coffin Works (not as morbid as it sounds) to discover one of the most secret spots in Birmingham to grab some epic jewels.

6.) Discover Birmingham’s best shops 

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People’s shop in Birmingham is most definitely one of the city’s most adorable independent retailer. This cute little shop of curiosities was opened by Allison and Christian Sadler who have created a unique little nest that local’s love!

Take a wander through its intimate store and browse the individual designs and pretty pieces that’ll send your home-lust into overdrive!

7.) Chow down at the Digbeth Dining experience

Belgian Waffles  In Vancouver Canada

Proud to showcase some of Brum’s best food, the Digbeth Dining Experience is a one of a kind food market that most visitors to the city fail to stumble across. Take a wander around the multitude of stalls on a Friday evening, where you’ll get to try the latest culinary delights that the city has to offer.

8.) Shop in a custard factory

Birmingham has a long history of all things custard! Many years ago, Birmingham used to make more custard than anywhere else in the world, nowadays its custard factory has been transformed into a creative space filled with some of the city’s most exciting independent retailers.

This quirky space is one of the cities best places to purchase your very own pieces of independent art and craft from some of Birmingham’s best artists!

9.) Feed your pen fetish

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Filled with the most impressive, alluring and downright wonderful pens in all the world, the Pen Museum is a one-stop curiosity that’ll fulfil every pen lovers dream!

Learn all about the craft of writing and enjoy this curious little piece of Birmingham’s history! Though, if you’re not interested in pens, you can probably skip this one. 🤣

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12 Of The Best Things To Do In Birmingham, England

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