London has a bamboozling mix of restaurants, food markets, bars and fine dining haunts that are dotted around our amazing city. That being said, with so many choices, it can be tricky to pinpoint just a few of the best restaurants in London to actually visit.

After all, there is something like twenty thousand restaurants in London alone.

After living in London for around a decade, I’ve come to try my fair share of little gems and duds of places to eat. This is exactly why I wanted to share some of my very favourite spots to eat at.

Take a look, below, at some of the best restaurants in London to visit.

1.) OXO Tower Restaurant 

The OXO Tower Restaurant is easily up there as one of the best restaurants in London, especially for the views and food. Perched at the top of the OXO Tower building, the Resturant has a tasty menu of British dishes that is perfect for dinner and an evening treat in the city.

Also, it has some epic views across the Thames and a great place to catch the sunset when an orangey glow transforms the view over the city.

When we visited, we had their yummy, fresh Lobster and salty fingers starter, followed by the incredible Rib-eye steak with bone marrow crust (which is best served medium-rare).

Oh, and if you have room for pudding, go for the OXO Chocolate Plate – I nearly inhaled this when it arrived. It’s so good!

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2.) Barrafina

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Barrafina is one of my favourite tapas spots and easily up there as one of the best restaurants in London if you love Basque and Spanish dishes. Perched in three spots (Drury Lane, Dean Street and Adelaide Street), it’s a delicious treat of a place to gorge.

Now, although you can’t reserve a table here, arrive just before the midday crowd and I guarantee your wait won’t be too long. Also, make sure to try their fresh fish plates (which vary depending on what can be sourced).

Although lunch in Barrafina will be a little pricier than other tapas joints but the food is well worth it. Once inside, you could be fooled into thinking you’d arrived in Spain.

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3.) Clos Maggiore

London's Most Famous District: Covent Garden - What To See, Eat & Do! (20)

Clos Maggiore is one of my favourite restaurants in Covent Garden and totally worthy of being one of the best restaurants in London.

Not only is the restaurant atrium gorgeously decorated, but the food is also incredible. Close Maggiore creates some of the best contemporary French dishes in London that’s so nice. Plus, if you go for their lunch menu, it’s a little cheaper and easier to get a table.

London's Most Famous District: Covent Garden - What To See, Eat & Do! (21)

After all, If you’re looking to eat at peak times, make sure you reserve your table well in advance (otherwise, head for dinner or lunch a tiny bit earlier than you normally would).

Make sure to try their herb smoked Welsh lamb. Being Welsh myself, I can attest to how tasty this is!

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4.) Bala Baya

After heading to Tel Aviv, I picked up a proper love for the food of this region, thankfully, Bala Baya is one place to grab some whilst in London.

Just south of the river and about a 10-minute walk from Borough Market, Bala Baya is an awesome little joint in London under the railway arches.

The Yemeni Ceviche cured spiced salmon with rhubarb and their yummy cocktails (my favourite was ‘peach’) are too good to miss.

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5.) Wolkite Kitfo

11 Amazing Places To Eat In London (20)

Don’t expect any fancy decor or a la carte service, Wolkite Kitfo is not that type of place at all. One of the main reasons to visit here is the delicious Ethiopian food they create that is totally authentic.

Based in North London, Wolkite Kitfo is tucked away from Holloway Road making this a little gem of a place to visit. They honestly serve some of the best Ethiopian food in the city. Though, as I mentioned, it’s far from fine dining and you really go for all the yummy food.

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6.) Kerridge’s Bar And Grill

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Perched downstairs of the Corinthia Hotel in London, Kerridge’s Bar And Grill is one of the best restaurants in London to visit if you want a celebrity chef meal.

Here, Tom has a menu of old British favourites with a totally modern twist that’s so tasty. For instance, Yaya went for the pig cheek pie and it was so good!

Just make sure to book a table on a weekend, this can get a little busy.

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7.) Poppies fish and chips

Okay, this is a firm British favourite and I had to include one of the tastiest fish and chips spots here. Now, fish and chip shops are typically a takeaway meal for most Brits, that being said there are a few spots that have down areas that are totally traditional.

For me, Poppies is one of the best restaurants in London for fish and chips. Though, to call it a restaurant would be a little strange if I’m honest as most as fish and chip shops with informal dining areas inside.

In spots like Camden and Shoreditch, Poppies cook their fish fresh and have the yummiest chips. It’s nothing fancy, totally informal but if you’re looking for some proper fish and chips experience, then this is the place to be.

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8.) The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon

Based in Fortnum and Mason’s, the Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon is one of the best restaurants in London to visit if you want a totally refined afternoon tea experience.

Open for almost 100 years, the tea salon bakes a yummy batch of scones daily that are so yummy with clotted cream and jam. Also, their selection of teas is just mind-boggling, it’s so good! Just make sure to book a table in advance, especially if you’re visiting on a weekend.

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9.) Tramshed

Tramshed London, Shoreditch (19)

Head inside Tramshed in East London and you’ll be whisked away into a world of Damien Hurst art, delicious food and an intimate gallery downstairs all created by the London-based chef, Mark Hix.

Their menu is meat-heavy but they do have a vegetarian menu, too. Make sure to try their ‘bang bang’ chicken and their ‘cock and bull’ croquettes.

I swear I gorged so much when we visited.

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10.) Harwood Arms 

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A Sunday roast is something of a British institution (just like these classic British eats), and a must when visiting the UK.

Typically, devoured on a Sunday afternoon it consists of mountains of veggies, potatoes, beef, lamb, pork, chicken or veggie options that are piled with a yummy Yorkshire pud (especially with beef), mint sauce (with lamb) and lashings of gravy.

The Harwood Arms in the Fulham area of London makes an epic roast and one that you should book if you want to reserve a table. It’s easily one of the best restaurants in London to visit for a Sunday Lunch on a lazy weekend.

That being said, if you’re not in the area, check out some local haunts, too. Most good pubs will serve a tasty Sunday lunch.

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