Perched on the gorgeous Adriatic coast, Dubrovnik is one of the many stunning Croatian towns and cities to explore. With everything from the old town to the little-coved beaches, there are loads of best things to do in Dubrovnik that you have to experience during your visit…

… and that’s without even considering gorging on all all that yummy Croatian food and wine! 😉

Over the last five years, Dubrovnik seems to have become even more popular, and to be honest, it’s really easy to see that. That being said, if you want to avoid some of the crowds, think about visiting out of the peak summer months when it gets super busy.

This way you’ll get to still enjoy the best things to do in Dubrovnik without being crushed by the inevitable summer crowds.

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Croatia is one of my favourite countries to visit in Europe, especially the coastline with its gorgeous islands and cities (like Dubrovnik). That’s why I wanted to show you some of the best things to do in Dubrovnik on your next visit.

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Take a look below at the best things to do in Dubrovnik, you’ll have a great time! 🇭🇷

1.) Walk the City Walls

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If you are only going to do one thing in Dubrovnik then make sure to stroll the length of the old city walls. It’s one of the best things to do in Dubrovnik that’s around 2km long and can easily be completed with a few little cafe/vine terrace pit stops.

As you wander, you’ll spot around 17 towers and even St. John Fortress, too. The historic walls were built way back in the 13th-Century to protect the city and its inhabitants from pesky no-gooders!

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Now, keep your eyes peeled as you wander around the city walls as you might recognise a few spots as filming spots from Game of Thrones.

2.) Wander through the Old Town

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After strolling through Dubrovnik’s city walls, your next stop should be to wander deeper through the Old Town itself.

Head through all the narrow, cobbled streets and explore the centuries-old buildings, squares and towers that make Dubrovnik so special. Along the way, you’ll see everything from gothic to renaissance style architecture at places like; Sponza Palace, the Dominican Monastery and stunning church of St. Joseph, too.

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If all that exploring has you hankering for lunch, make sure to pop into Restaurant Dubrovnik that serves up some of the freshest (and tastiest) food in the Old Town.

3.) Stroll through Stradun 

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Stradun is often thought of as the main street and one of the best places in Dubrovnik to stroll through if you’re short on time.

Whilst you’re here, make sure to spot the former seat of the government at the Rector’s Palace and stop off for coffee on one of the cafes. All before finishing up at the Old Port before taking a stroll across the shore.

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At the other end of Stradun is the Jewish fountain which stands proudly within the city walls.

4.) See the views from Srd

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So, in my opinion, Srd Hill is one of the very best places in Dubrovnik for views over the city. Now, you can hike/ramble up to the top of Srd from the Old Town of Dubrovnik itself if you feel like?

That being said, if you’re feeling a little less inclined to hike, take the Dubrovnik Cable Car that gets you to the perfect spot. To be honest, for me, after gorging at lunch I usually end up rolling myself over to anything that’s no too strenuous! I’m all for the cable car.

The cable car takes about 5 minutes and once you get to the top be prepared for the wonderful views over the surrounding area. You can sit and relax at the café before it is time to return to sea level again. During the summer the cable car is open until midnight, but do not miss the last ride as it is a long walk back down!

Oh, and try and time it away from cruise ship passengers that might be heading up. I’ve heard of people queueing an hour when the cruise ships come in!

5.) Lokrum Island

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Lokrum is a small island just 600 metres from Dubrovnik and a popular place to go swimming or just to relax away from the city. It’s almost like it’s the cities oasis, especially in the heat of summer.

Now a protected nature reserve, it forms part of the cities largest area of parkland. Boats depart from the old port, making it really is to visit one of the best places in Dubrovnik. Just make sure to take sunblock!

6.) Kayak the Adriatic Coast 

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If you wanna get away from city life, then pop around the Adriatic Coast on a kayak. Now, there are several local companies offering half day or full day trips where you will get some great views of the city and the surrounding islands.

Most will take you out to the seave caves around Lokrum Island and a few ‘secret’ beaches that are totally secluded. It’s one of the best things to do in Dubrovnik, especially when you’re looking to cool down in the baking summer months.

7.) Find Fort Lovrijenac

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Fort Lovrijenac is one of the largest fortresses (and theatre) in Dubrovnik that’s well worth seeing whilst you’re in the city. And to be honest, you can’t miss it!

Now, Fort Lovrijenac has again formed part of the filming scenes from Game of Thrones, but there is so much more to it than this fact. Steeped in history (and as many steps), you’ll get to wander around the fort and learn all about the history of this stunning spot. Plus, you’ll get some incredible views over the Old Town, too.

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You will need to buy a ticket to explore Fort Lovrijenac (which can be bought near the entrance) and is easy to purchase on the day itself. For a better value, grab a combination ticket that also includes entrance to the Wall Walking tour too.

8.) Watch the sunset from Buza Bar

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Buza Bar is a very popular spot in Dubrovnik which people seem to either love or hate. Yes, it’s busy! Yes, it will get crowded around sunset, but it is a great little place (if you manage to get a spot) to chill out with a few cocktails.

Now, don’t expect the most attentive service (remember I said it gets really busy), but if you do want a good seat, head over an hour or two before sunset itself and just take the evening slow. It’s one of the best places in Dubrovnik to watch the sunset, that’s for sure.

9.) Explore Mljet National Park

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If you fancy leaving Dubrovnik for a little rest and recuperation, then make sure to head over to Mljet National Park to enjoy one of Dalmatia’s most gorgeous islands.

Now, you can easily hire a catamaran or head over on the boat from Prapratno to Sobra and explore the island by bike. Best of all, if you wanna explore for even longer, you can stay overnight at Hotel Odisej Mljet. It really is one of the best things to do in Dubrovnik. Well, just outside at least!

10.) Explore the museums 

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For something a little less energetic or to get out of that midday sun, pop over to explore some of Dubrovnik’s museums.

The Ethnographic Museum Rupe is in the back streets of the old town and has displays featuring the social aspects of life in Croatia. Once inside you can learn more about Dalmatia, the city itself and the culture of the local area.

Another museum (perched in the Old Town) is the Dominican Monastery featuring locally produced art that’s just so gorgeous to see. While you are there take your time to admire the architecture of the building and the landscaped gardens, too. You won’t be disappointed.

11.) Gorge on Croatian dishes

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There are so many different foods to try when you’re in Dubrovnik and honestly, it’ll be hard to just choose a mere few that I love. On my last visit to Croatia, I don’t actually think I stopped eating the whole trip. Wherever we went there was always some new and yummy smelling dish I had to try!

That being said, If I had to narrow some choices down, I’d definitely recommend you try the Black risotto (with cuttlefish ink). Usually partnered with cuttlefish itself, you can sometimes get this with squid too.

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Also, make sure you try Orahovac (a walnut liqueur) that’ll blow your socks off! That being said, if you want something a little sweeter, go for Drenovac liqueur that’s a little easier on the throat (meaning you won’t self combust). 😉

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