There’s so much to see in Scotland and I’ve no hesitation in saying that everyone should definitely visit at least once. Heck, why put a limit on it, go fifty times, I swear you’ll find something different each time. Now, without sounding too wishy-washy, there’s a whole heap of reasons to visit Scotland that I can roll off my tongue in a flash – it’s incredible and I want to tell you why.

Take a look at 12 of the best reasons you need to visit Scotland. You’re going to love it.

Reasons To Visit Scotland

1.) You’ll love the Highlands

Exploring The Natural Beauty Of The Scottish Highlands…

Okay, so, the Highlands is possibly one place you can’t miss. Stretching for hundreds of miles, it’s one of the most beautiful areas to visit in Scotland.

Make sure you visit Cairngorms National Park, see some of the gorgeous little villages and explore the beauty of all the lochs.

One of the things you’ll love most about the Highlands is how dramatic the scenery is. It’s very different from the landscapes around south-eastern Scotland and almost feels like you’ve been transported to the Norwegian Fjords. It’s breathtaking.

Driving The Incredible North Coast 500 Road In The Scottish Highlands... (45)

There’s also a huge mix of trails and Scottish hikes you should definitely ramble upon.

Here’s what you have to see in the Highlands, right here

2.) You’ll want to know if it’s true about kilts 

Re-Visiting Edinburgh - What's Changed In Scotland's Capital City In The Last 7 Years... (6)

Look, there’s no beating around the bush. Scots men who wear kilts just don’t wear underwear, or so it’s said!

It’s somewhat of a tradition in Scotland and totally intriguing to each one of us who visits! I mean, is it even true? Is underwear never worn? I’m always too shy to ask but, I guarantee you’ll be itching to know too.

…Let’s just hope all those Scotsmen are watching out for the gusts of wind!

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3.) You’ll eat everything in sight

Well, I do at least! Scottish food is heart-warming, soul food that’s perfect any time of the year (but especially comforting in the winter months). I mean, I don’t think there’s anything better than a cold winter day, snuggled up with a big bowl of Stovies.

If you have more of a sweet tooth, make sure you grab a slice of Scottish Tablet. Your eyes will definitely dilate with the amount of sugar and butter involved but don’t have any regrets. I love this best with a big cup of Scottish Tea. 😋

Exploring The Natural Beauty Of The Scottish Highlands... (2)

Finally, you’ve got to try Haggis. Before I went to University in Scotland, I’d never tried it… to the point that it sounded awful to me.

Thankfully, I took the plunge and I’ve never looked back. It’s so tasty and I always make sure to have some Haggis on every trip. I love it with breakfast and with neeps and tatties for dinner.

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4.) You’ll embrace the incredible drives

Slow Adventures In The Scottish Highlands...(And A Secret Castle You Have To See!) (2)

Scotland is one of my favourite countries to drive in. If you visit Scotland from the US or Canada, it’s likely you’ll find most of the roads pretty small and winding… but don’t let that put you off.

The Most Beautiful Road In Scotland That You’ve Never Heard Of! (6)

Head for an epic drive on the NC500 which is out of this world. Make sure to stop at every opportunity and explore each and every nook and cranny of this beautiful drive.

Just remember to stay on the left and watch out for the Highland Coos.

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5.) You’ll need to decide: Glasgow or Edinburgh

Re-Visiting Edinburgh - What's Changed In Scotland's Capital City In The Last 7 Years... (1)

After studying in Scotland for 4 years. I quickly realised there’s quite a rivalry between Glaswegians and those that live in Edinburgh.

The best way I describe the difference between both cities is if you think of them as siblings. Imagine Edinburgh as the older and wiser sister with lots of pretty things, whereas Glasgow is the wild and cool younger sister that loves to party.

Now, it’s all a bit of fun but everyone seems to have their favourite.

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6.) You’ll find an enchanted forest

Exploring The Natural Beauty Of The Scottish Highlands... (27)

Every year, within the gorgeous wooded forests of Perthshire, is an Enchanted Forest that comes alive after dark – giving you a perfect excuse to visit Scotland.

Head deep into the forest, explore the light shows, see the acrobatics and grab yourself a hot toddy. It’s a great place for all the family.

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7.) You’ll celebrate like Vikings at Up Helly Aa

How To See An Authentic Viking Festival In Scotland (9)

Every year, the Shetlands hosts one of the best festivals in Scotland, Up Helly Aa. Now, Imagine the streets filled with thousands of people, massive Viking boats, fire torches and plenty of fun. This is what Up Helly Aa is all about.

Up Helly Aa is usually in January each year, with processions of ‘squads’ that’ll fill the town. It is a cool reason to visit Scotland.

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8.) You’ll embrace the weather

Well, mostly! It’s true, the Scottish weather has a certain unpredictability about it. Imagine Scottish weather like a toddler before food. One moment it’ll be sunny blue skies, the next… raining with gale-force winds.

I had four years of practice when living in Scotland and never was I once able to fully predict the weather. Embrace the rain, learn to love clouds and if you like it a little dryer, head over to the east coast, like St. Andrews (the rainfall is less there).

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9.) You’ll find some unimaginable castles 

The Most Beautiful Road In Scotland That You’ve Never Heard Of! (2)

Scotland is known for its beautiful castles and it’s one more reason why you need to visit. Make sure you visit Edinburgh Castle, Inverness Castle and the stunning Eilean Donan Castle.

It really is incredible to see.

Exploring The Natural Beauty Of The Scottish Highlands…

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10.) You’ll celebrate Burns Night

Scottish Cuisine: How To Host The Perfect Burns Night Supper (1)

Or just have a few whisky drams instead! Whatever your plan, each year Scotland celebrates the life and works of Robert Burns on ‘Burns Night‘, which takes place on January 25th each year.

Grab your buddies, recite his poetry and celebrate one of Scotland’s most loved poets. Just be warned, the Scotch is usually strong!

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11.) You’ll run around Glasgow in a Santa outfit

11 Experiences You Need To Have In Glasgow, Scotland (10)

Every year, Glasgow hosts a Santa dash. Literally, thousands of people apply to run, jump and weave their way across the city – all dressed as Santa. It’s a sight to behold.

Best of all, it’s for charity and it’s a really great day to feel the atmosphere of Glasgow when you visit Scotland.

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12.) You’ll learn the lingo 

Don’t think that Scottish is just an accent, there are whole different words and ways to speak that are totally different to other parts of the UK. We’re not talking Scottish Gaelic but English, here. I mean, it took me ages to understand what a bosie was (it’s a cuddle, in case you wondered). Other words sayings like;

 It wis hoachin’, means it was very busy | bairns, means children | sook, which means your being soft or sweet

There are looooads more, which I guarantee you’ll learn along your travels.

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