Even the grumpiest of people appreciate a good sunset! There just something about sunsets that makes people wanna do things from whip out their cameras/phones, strip off and start dancing (or is that just me?) to have to pick up their jaws from the floor and here are some of the best places out there to truly appreciate a good sunset!

1.) Bagan, Burma: One of those places that almost doesn’t need a description, just seeing photos alone gets you excited about experiencing this in more depth. Bagan is perhaps the most enthralling of sunset destinations.

2.) White Desert, Egypt: A ‘different’ type of desert, the White Desert is a great blank canvas that is ‘coloured’ by the sunset on it.

3.) Grand Canyon, USA: Dramatic huge landscape can only be made even more dramatic with the contrast in lights that sunset offers. There’s a reason why this is one of the most visited national parks in the US!

4.) Serengeti, Tanzania: A truly great ending to a busy day on Safari.

5.) Key West, USA: A truly spectacular displace of colours (especially hues of orange) is characteristic of the stunning holiday destination of Key West. Best watched with a cocktail in one hand and Key Lime pie in the other.

6.) Isle of Skye, UK: Perhaps the most dramatic place to watch the sunset in the UK, the Isle of Skye combine perfect almost a sense of mystery (or perhaps even confusion for watching the sunset but being bitterly cold) with the beauty that is synonymous with sunsets all around the world.

7.) Uluru, Australia: An Australian landmark, make even more popular by the amazing sunsets on it, this is truly one of the best places in Australia to watch the sunset.

8.) Lake Annecy, France: A nice day up in the Alps is truly capped by the amazing views across the Lake Annecy in the sunset which results in a vast displace of colour across the French landscape.

9.) The Maldives: There’s a reason why the Maldives are famous for being one of the best holiday destinations out there and sunsets like this are exactly why!

10.) Maasai Mara, Kenya: The game reserve is filled with activity during the day and perhaps even more so at night. The sunset is almost like an announcing of the start of a busy night for (some of) the animals on the Maasai Mara.

11.) Santorini, Greece: The idyllic Greek paradise boasts some of the most amazing and most famous sunset viewpoints in Greece and indeed in Europe.

12.) Taj Mahal, India: The beauty of one of India’s most iconic landmarks is, even more, heighten with the soft glow of the sunset. An almost magical sight to behold.

13.) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: The vibrancy of one of the most colourful and exciting cities in the world is almost palpable as the lights start to come on in the town to match the light fading away in the skies

Photos And Postcards From Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (16)

14.) Sahara Desert: The large expanse of nothing but desert sand is an awe-inspiring sight as each grain is kissed by the final bits of the day’s sunlight.

15.) Pfeiffer Beach, USA: This is iconic as at the right moment during sunset, the sun goes through the rock on the beach and creates the perfect path for the sunset and a true photographer’s delight.

16.) Angkor Wat, Cambodia: The temples of Angkor Wat are another landmark that is impressive to see in person and made even more so as the sun sets on it.

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