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I constantly try to cut out sugars in my diet though perhaps not for reasons everyone else does.:-) My reason? I’ve got a serious sweet tooth! I’m that guy that has never been known to say no to a nice piece of cake… or a piping hot apple pie… or a strawberry cheesecake…. You get the point, I love sweet stuff and I believe in indulging yourself from time to time however as with anything to do with food, drastically cutting things out of your diet is never quite as effective as balancing the diet.

To make room for other potential sugars I may have during the day, I’ve started looking at ways to cut out intake of plain sugars. I realise I usually have a lot of sugars in the morning with breakfast cereals (or sometimes with that cheeky 11am M&S Almond Croissant). Here are a few alternative to using sugar with your breakfast cereals.

3 Amazing Alternatives To Using Sugar In Breakfast Cereals! (3)
1.) Raisins: I can’t say I was the biggest fan of these growing up but I’m a convert! These make such a tasty addition to even the driest breakfast cereals (Dear Bran Flakes, I’m looking at you when I say this!) Raisins are also rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants so there’s that too! 🙂

3 Amazing Alternatives To Using Sugar In Breakfast Cereals! (2)
2.) Bananas: An old favourite. Perhaps try to avoid the dried ones as they are sometimes coated with sugars and instead stick to fresh bananas. Not only do they keep you fuller for longer, they are also a rich source of fibre to help keep you regular for longer! 🙂

3 Amazing Alternatives To Using Sugar In Breakfast Cereals! (1)
3.) Strawberries (my personal favourite) or any other kind of berries: Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries… doesn’t matter which! Just pick one that you like (everyone has their favourite) and add that to your morning meal!

And there you have it folks! Are there any other sugar alternatives you add to your diet? If so share share share! It’s always nice to find out new ways to eat healthier!

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