Plus, a cheeky snap I took of the Northern Lights last night! As you already know, we’re in Iceland – hence why you may not have been hearing much from us lately but I’ve been updating out Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with some (just some) of the experiences we’ve had so far! Just in case you missed it on our other channels, I figured I’d best put then up on here too! Now, while this is not a complete list of the things we’ve done and the places we’ve seen, I just had to show you some of what we’ve been getting up to so far…

And a HUGE thanks for all the comments! You’ve made me smile (and laugh) so much as I’ve received them. I will respond to them as soon as I get the chance to! 🙂

Saw the Northern Lights last night! They were amazing!!! They lit up the skies for hours!!! #NorthernLights #Iceland #Travel

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It’s so impressive how that arch is still here with all those huge crashing waves! #Iceland #Beach #Travel A photo posted by Hand Luggage Only (@handluggageonly) on

#Skogafoss in slo-mo! And a #rainbow too! #Iceland #Icelandic

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Lately on Instagram (@HandLuggageOnly)

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