Our travel to Peru is perhaps one of the longest I’ve ever done.

It didn’t help that we started off in Amsterdam instead of London or that we had to transit for 8 hours in Lima without being able to get into the airport properly because our 3.30am flight to Cusco counted as a local flight and as a result, we ended up spending the best part of 8 hours waiting in a hotel lobby/bar next to the airport overnight. By the time we arrived in Cusco, we’d been awake for almost 30 hours.

Sounds like I’m moaning but in truth, I was so excited to be visiting Peru that it pretty much countered my need for sleep! I know I moan a lot about needing a nap in this but ignoring that – here’s what we got up to in our first 24 hours in Cusco.


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24 Hours In Cusco, Peru (1)
But wait – there’s more!

We’re gonna be doing pretty much a daily vlog from our time in Peru so the next video coming up will be from when we’re headed to Machu Picchu – but you’ll be the first to know when that comes up if you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel. 🙂 (*If you care for that kinda thing, of course… we’re hoping you do! 🙂 )

24 Hours In Cusco, Peru (2)
24 Hours In Cusco, Peru (3)

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