Okay, I know this is technically not food but this Chilli Lemonade recipe is kinda food related, low calorie and it’s an easy enough drinks-hack that I’m just gonna put it up anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚

The 30 Second (Zero Calorie) Chilli Lemonade Recipe (4)

Last summer, London got unbelievably hot and my flat being up on the 20th floor tended to get water that had been even further heated up even more through the pipes by the time it got up to the flat!

You would think with it being a new building that someone would have figured out that this might be an issue but no, leave the tap running for 5 mins and you would still have hot water – lukewarm at best!

It was unbearable and I soon enough had to resort to bottle water – which I could keep in the fridge to ensure I always had a nice supply of ice cold water! ย This is was when I discovered my 30-second chilli lemonade recipe! ๐Ÿ™‚

All you need are:

1.) Sparkling water

This does not need to be fancy – Tesco/Asda/Morrison brand sparkling water should do the trick. (Alternatively, if you’re really into sparkling water, you can always invest in a sparking water machine?)

2.) Lemons

The 30 Second (Zero Calorie) Chilli Lemonade Recipe (2)

…and limes – if you can be bothered.

3.) Chilli peppers

The 30 Second (Zero Calorie) Chilli Lemonade Recipe (3)

4.) Sweetener (optional)


By now, you’ve already guessed what you need to do right? If not, here is the Chilli Lemonade Recipe is in 4 simple steps!

  1. Squeeze lemons (as many as you like!) into the sparkling water.
  2. Crush up your chillies ย – you could do this with the back of a spoon but perhaps try not to crush them up too much – we want a drink with some kick not one that will make your eyes water.
  3. Add some sweetener (or not, choice is yours) and you’ve got yourself a nice refreshing drink!
  4. You could throw in a sprig of mint to add a tad more flavour as well if you like. ๐Ÿ™‚

The 30 Second (Zero Calorie) Chilli Lemonade Recipe (5)

The 30 Second (Zero Calorie) Chilli Lemonade Recipe (1)

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