Heads up: This post probably provides an inkling into how easily I get distracted!

I was talking to my friends today about making plans for summer holidays (like really lazy holidays – no sightseeing – just eating, drinking, perhaps some mandatory partying and lots of pool & beach time) and I started to get excited about the places we were planning on visiting and somehow managed to wander off searching for sunglasses afterwards. Search for sunglasses then led me to think of other summer essentials and seeing as I tend to travel light most times, I was able to limit my summer essentials to 4 key things (actually, 5 key things if you include cameras but that’s a given right?)

And then our of the blue, I got an email today asking about what my travel essentials were this summer (you know, those things where no matter what location I plan on visiting, I would always carry with me) and after replying, I thought I’d share my 4 travel essentials with you! 🙂 Of course, I’d also like to know what your essentials are – if you had to limit yourself to just 4 things to take with you on holidays this summer – what would they be?

4 Travel Essentials This Summer!

1.) An affordable pair of sunglasses: b have a pair of Ray-Bans I take everywhere with me but my tastes in sunglasses change so quickly that it’s not everyday I feel like wearing the same old sunglasses (no matter how much I love them) so a quick an easy option for me on summer holidays is to get a few distinct pairs that I can take travelling with me (and due to the price, not worry too much if I lose them). The more unique (yet timeless) they are, the better. Think Mad Men style… The styles below are some that have caught my attention lately! (My fave’s this one here)

2.) Colourful Digital Watches: These are great on two fronts. They’re brilliant summer time accessories (easy win, especially when you consider how colourful they are), they help keep you on time (which you shouldn’t really worry about when you’re on holiday but when you need to make it to a pre-arranged booking, they’re an absolute must have) and best of all, they’re waterproof so you can pretty much do every and any activities you want without having to worry about ruining it from water damage! There are quite a few colour options with this one here – check out some of them below. This is my favourite colour of the lot.

3.) Camera bags: I tend to go more for substance over style with this one but the best would be to have a camera bag that has both. The one in the collage above is exactly what I’ve wanted for a while! It takes up very little space (hence you camera can be protected even if you keep it in a bigger bag), it’s actually affordable and it looks pretty cool! It’s available on Amazon (US here / UK here) but other worthy alternatives are below (ranging from functional to stylish).

4.) Battery Pack: This one is a no-brainer. My iPhone has been acting up lately and draining power really quickly (I’m gonna have to pop into the Apple store to have them take a look at it) but when I’m out and about, a decent battery pack is a must for me! I used to have one that was in the shape of an iPhone (it quickly became redundant once I upgraded my phone) and now I have a generic one that can work for types of phones and I can not recommend it enough. I use it to charge the GoPro. my phone and any other USB chargeable accessory I have so I definitely recommend getting a battery pack that you can use on any type of phone and with any type of USB device. Some of the best priced and best quality ones I’ve found on the market are below (my fave’s this one here):

And there you have it! Those are my summer travel essentials. YOUR TURN! What are your travel essentials this summer?

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