… because let’s face it – a trip to Rio de Janeiro is quickly becoming a travel must-do!

The colours, the beaches, the parties, the food… there are so many reasons why you should and would want to visit Rio de Janeiro but when you visit, what should you get up to? Well, we’ve got you covered.

1.) Experience Rio Carnival

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Rio Carnival is easily one of the most famous events, not just in Brazil but across the globe! The sheer scale and colours of this event are absolutely incredible!

If you happen to be in Rio at the time, you’d be a fool to miss out on this spectacular display of costumes, dance and fun packed into one massive party.

2.) Dance the night away in Lapa

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Speaking of dancing, be sure to reserve at least one night in Rio for exploring Lapa and its vibrant nightlife scene.

Get your groove on to pumping Samba beats in one of the many bars or clubs in this area. Don’t expect to come home before dawn. Oh and take a taxi!

3.) Explore the beaches

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What kind of beach are you?

Apparently, in Rio, your choice of what beach to lay down your towel says a lot about your character. The fancy folks head for Ipanema whereas families and solitude-seekers will find their happy place at Leblon. If you feel indecisive, saunter along the famous Copacabana for some people-watching and a cold drink in the shade.

Whatever kind of beach you are though – you’re bound to find your kind of beach here in Rio!

4.) Catch a glimpse of the Favelas

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Once a no-go area, Rio’s favelas now have become a tourist attraction. These less developed settlements in Rio are a way of gaining an insight into a slightly less filtered version of Brazil and a sensory overloaded experience.

The most accessible favelas are considered to be Rocinha though regardless of which favela you choose to visit, always make sure you go with a reputable guide.

5.) See A Brazilian icon – Christ The Redeemer

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The town’s landmark and a globally recognised symbol of Rio de Janeiro, the giant open-armed statue of Jesus on top of Corcovado Hill, is essential for every trip to Brazil.

It can be seen from almost everywhere in the city through a hike up here is worth it as, in return, you have beautiful views over Rio de Janeiro.

6.) Sugarloaf Mountain

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There are two cable-cars that take you to the peak of Sugarloaf mountain and from up here, you will be rewarded with even more staggering views over the city.

If you haven’t grasped why Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful places on earth yet, you definitely will from up here. Try to visit at sunset for some amazing panoramic shots.

7.) Take a hike in Tijuca National Park

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Even the most dedicated fan of Rio de Janeiro needs to get out of the noise and chaos once in a while.

Head for Tijuca National Park and discover a variety of hiking trails, untouched, lush landscapes and, of course, stunning views of the city!

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