The first I’d heard of Sintra was just before the summer holidays at Cambridge University.

This was when a group of us were heading out to Lisbon for a 4-day weekend to celebrate multiple friend’s birthdays and a classmate of mine at Cambridge suggested visiting Sintra, too. 

initially, I was a bit unsure. After all, this was my first time visiting Lisbon and as expected, there’s so much to see and do in Lisbon. In fact, I assumed I just wouldn’t get round to spending enough time in Lisbon let alone head off somewhere else.

Then I got to know more about Sintra.

Instantly,  I understood almost instantly why Sintra is a place you needs to visit in Portugal as soon as you get the chance to.

Here are the 8 reasons why a trip to Sintra is a definite must-do!

1.) Castelo dos Mouros

Best Things To Do In Lisbon (34)

The castle is a glorious and well worth a visit once in the Sintra area.

It’s totally gorgeous and one of the more rustic and ancient fortified ruins in the area. Make sure to spend a few hours exploring. 

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2.) Palace of Pena

Best Things To Do In Lisbon (9)

I mean, Pena Palace is something out of a fairytale. We loved it and it’s only about 30-minutes from Lisbon.

Now, it can get pretty busy here; so make sure to spend some time exploring the best times to visit. If you can, try and avoid peak times as you will have to queue. 

It’s so lovely here. 

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3.) Pena Park

The Moorish Castle, Palace of Sintra And Pena Park – 3 Beautiful Places To See In Sintra, Portugal (2)

That forests of Pena Park look like something out of a fairytale.

We visited here after exploring Pena Palace and the Moorish Castle 

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5.) Quinta da Regaleira

Best Things To Do In Lisbon (20)

It has Quinta da Regaleira, a UNESCO World Heritage site which spans for ages and is perhaps one of the most beautiful grounds across the land to spend an afternoon.

It’s so stunning. 

6.) Initiation Well

Best Things To Do In Lisbon (3)

The (ominously named) initiation Well is absolutely spectacular.

Best Things To Do In Lisbon (2)

Again, this looks totally incredible and like a fairytale staircase that you’d imagine royalty living in. 

7.) Sintra Village

Best Things To Do In Lisbon (18)

The villages are so picturesque and everything you would dream a Portuguese village would be.

8.) Monserrate Palace

The Amazing Monserrate Palace – An Often Missed Beauty In Sintra, Portugal (19)

We totally loved visiting Monserrate Palace. There was a wedding taking place when we explored this area and it was so nice to see. 

Best Things To Do In Lisbon (26)

All in all, we spent a full day exploring Sintra and we’d definitely recommend it whilst seeing the best things to do in Lisbon

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15 Things You Need To Know About Visiting Sintra In Portugal

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