Bermuda is a beautiful little island in the middle of the North Atlantic ocean and is famed for its amazing beaches.

On a trip to New York a little while back, Lloyd and I decided to pop over to Bermuda to check out the island and all the things to do.

Long story short; it was absolutely fantastic!

It’s an amazing island and one that I definitely recommend visiting. We had a great time (and quite a few Rum Swizzles) and it’s safe to say we’d happily go back to visit without hesitation.

Now, while much of what we found on the island was I guess what you’d expect from a beautiful island like Bermuda (stunning beaches, amazing scenery, fun nightlife; you know, the usual stuff). Though, some parts came as a fair bit of a surprise.

To save you from any surprises, here are some of the key things you need to know before visiting Bermuda.

1.) Bermuda can be expensive

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And no, I’m not talking about ‘going out for a fancy meal in London’ style expensive. We’re talking going out for dinner and drinks for two and coming back home with a £400 bill.

Even a single apple in the grocery store is like £1.50 apple so a pack of 8 came in at $12. My friend, an expat on the island, said most visitors and expats (like herself) don’t even bother cooking at home; it’s as expensive to cook at home as it to eat out.

So, you know, get your wallet-prepared.

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2.) Look out for stinging jellyfish

More specifically, the Portuguese man o’war. (which, apparently, despite appearances aren’t actually jellyfish but are instead siphonophore – thanks Wikipedia). 

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These jellyfish are painful, dangerous and for the most part hard to see when you’re in the water.

Before you go into the water, it’s worth looking out for (or even just asking about) warnings for a high incidence of the Portuguese man o’war.

3.) You can’t rent cars

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So, you know, you should probably get to work on getting that motorbike license before you visit.

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4.) Bermuda is not in the Caribbean

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Okay, technically, it’s classified as being a part of the Caribbean but it’s kinda not, too. 

Not that it makes much of a difference to you actually enjoying the island; lots of aspects of this island are reminiscent of being in the Caribbean.

Where it does make a difference is how you get to the island. See Bermuda is actually in the North Atlantic ocean, which leads me to my next point.

5.) Bermuda is easy to visit 

We flew in from New York (2.5 hours or thereabout) and flew back to Boston (2 hrs 10 mins) so there’s absolutely no need for you to head south to Miami when you’re looking to travel to Bermuda.

Plus, you can get direct flights from the UK, too. 

6.) There’s a huge expat population in Bermuda 

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I say ‘huge’ but that’s only relatively speaking of course. Due to the fact that Bermuda is a tax haven lots of financial services firms have offices here which means lots of expats get posted to the island.

This ofcourse comes with high salaries needed to sustain the unavoidably expensive lifestyle on the island.

The mix of expats does bring some diversity to the island so you do get to hang out with quite an international crowd here.

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7.) Don’t drink the tap water

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Not unless you fancy a side of diarrhoea with your vacation.

The tap is usually rainwater collected from the roof so always ask the hotel or place you’re staying for clean drinking water.

8.) Bermuda is known for its beaches

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So when you head out to a beach on the island, be sure to pack your camera with your swimwear for some pretty epic pics. 

This is especially true if you’re snorkelling, too. 

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11 Best Things To Do In Bermuda

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