Being the biggest city in New Brunswick, Moncton is a great place to visit whilst heading across the province or to see the best spots in Nova Scotia. It’s the kind of place that’s great for a little trip, with a heap of the best things to do in Moncton dotted within and around the city limits.

This makes Moncton one great place to base yourself whilst exploring the wider region, including the Bay of Fundy

Now, Moncton might not have the draw of other Canadian cities like Toronto or Vancouver but it certainly has it’s own atmosphere and history that makes it a great place to make a pitstop on your route. 

Whether it’s one day, a weekend or longer, I’m sure you’ll find a heap of places that you’ll love. 

We spent a good few days in and around Moncton and decided to anchor ourselves in the city. This meant we could head out in the car and explore so much of the beauty spots but also return to the city and enjoy the restaurants and a few cocktail spots before calling it a night. 

It was the best of both worlds!

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So, to help you scout out the best things to do in Moncton, I’ve popped some of our favourite spots you shouldn’t miss. Have the best time in and around New Brunswick. 

1.) Moncton Street art 

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Okay, so the first thing we noticed once we arrived in Moncton was the street art! 

With world-renowned artists and locals producing some incredible art, the city of Moncton has really embraced the street art scene and it’s incredible. We couldn’t resist walking around the city, scouting out our favourites. 

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One of my favourites was “Blue Jay” by French artist, Etien. Nestled on the edge of Archibald Street it’s totally huge and kinda hard to miss! 

If you’re unsure where all the art is, head on a self-guided walking tour of the street art. It’s totally easy, especially if you follow the points on this map. It’s easily one of the best things to do in Moncton and you actually end up covering lots of ground. 

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2.) Hopewell Rocks

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Probably one of New Brunswick’s most famous spots to visit, Hopewell Rocks is within easy reach of Moncton and a trip you have to make! 

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Around a 30-minute drive from the city, Hopewell Rocks are huge towers of rocks that have been carved by the water in the Bay of Fundy.

You see, this area has the highest tidal range in the world and it’s actually pretty impressive to see. 

At low tide, you can head down for a meander through the rocks and see their colossal size. We loved this, I swear we spent a good few hours just down here! 

Afterwards, head onto some of the trails that meander the park or head on a kayak tour (like we did). It was so amazing to see Hopewell Rocks and paddle around the cliffs. We booked ours with Baymount Adventures and totally loved it. 

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3.) Les Brumes du Coude

The Lobster Capital Of The World (48)

One of the things we loved most about basing ourselves in Moncton was for the food.

I totally love staying in a place that has a heap of restaurants and bars to chill after a day exploring. Moncton is that place. 

After arriving, be sure to book a table at Les Brumes du Coude, which has a French-inspired menu that’s totally delicious. Their scallops and seared salmon was everything and more! 

4.) Parlee Beach and Shediac

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Around a 15-minute drive from the city centre, Parlee Beach Provincial Park is one of the best things to do in Moncton if you want a trip to the coast. 

With stunning white sands, Parlee Beach Provincial Park has a heap of many facilities including picnic areas, campgrounds, restaurants, and seafood spots where you can spend all day exploring. 

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Once here, you have to make sure you spot the Giant Lobster that lines your route to Parlee Beach. It’s totally kitsch and the biggest lobster in the world!

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We headed up with Justin (from NB Explorer) who helped grab some fresh New Brunswick lobster that we devoured for lunch. It was the best picnic ever! 

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5.) Bouctouche

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Bouctouche is a traditional Acadian fishing community that’s picture-perfect to visit and one of the best things to do in Moncton that’s only 30-minutes from the city. 

Once here, be sure to explore the Dune of Bouctouche are for the trail across the boardwalk and then down onto the stunning beaches. It’s incredible. 

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Worked up a hunger? Driver across to La Sagouine for their delicious lobster. It’s a cosy and informal little restaurant that’s totally lovely. Their yummy seafood chowder is filled to the brim with the tastiest local scallops. 

6.) Cape Enrage

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Just under an hour away from Moncton, Cape Enrage is actually really easy to visit once you’ve been to Hopewell Rocks.

With a heap of trails, climbing and kayaking all available here, it’s the kind of place that’s perfect for those that want a more active day. Oh, and their zipline is amazing.

If you fancy a more chilled day, take in the views from Cape Enrage Lighthouse and grab a snack. It’s stunning.

7.) Centennial Park and Jones Lake

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Centennial Park is a 94-hectare park that offers unspoilt forest trails to explore whilst not having to leave Moncton at all.

The park has everything, including Treego Moncton which consists of ziplines and treetop courses that are so much fun. 

If you want quieter trails, head through the paths around Johnathan Creek. To fill up after a few hours in the park, grab a pizza from Pomodori Pizzeria – their woodfired pizza is so yummy and they make their own gelato, too! 

8.) Little Louis

Food is always such a big thing when we visit new cities – and Moncton was no different. 

Head across to Little Louis, another spot we gorged in! Their fine-dining menus are seasonal and a work of art. I swear we had around 5-course each.

Just be sure to save some space for pudding, they have a heap of homemade treats that are too good to miss. We were stuffed.

9.) Irishtown Nature Park

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One of the easiest big parks to visit from the city (around 10-minutes in the car), Irishtown Nature Park is well worth a gander for the trails. 

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If you love running, hiking, heading for a long stroll, or just want some peace and quiet, then this is the spot for you. It’s a beautiful natural area with lots of trails that’s so gorgeous in the summer months. 

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