Photography is an art form in itself I believe and so it doesn’t, nor should it, comply with rules.

Some people say things like always take photos with your back against the sun (so that your subject is properly illuminated) but I have seen very powerful and moving photos where the opposite of that advice has been taken!

There are photos out there that are blurry but capture our imagination because they look vividly colourful and interesting yet we are drawn in even more by the uncertainty of what exactly is going on in the photos.

Granted, the bulk of these type of photos are usually taken under the influence of wine/beer/tequila but there are always the exceptions to the rule that make you wanna throw the rule book out.

That being said, there are a few loose frameworks that you could use, to help you take interesting photos that capture the essence of how you felt about your holiday and perhaps even push your creativity to new limits.

1.) There’s beauty in the mundane

Best Things To Do In Bermuda (8)

Some of my favourite photos are photos of regular everyday items. I’m not saying go out right now and take photos of every flower in your garden but don’t perhaps stray from the norm and don’t always look for the extraordinary when trying to get a great photo.

The ordinary stuff can be equally as beautiful and captivating.

I’m not saying this photo below is particularly amazing but it got selected and featured on the BBC website a while back.

The photo was very nearly deleted after I took it and wasn’t anything special to me but the photo made it to the top of the BBC’s album (the theme was sharing and only 7 photos were selected).

2.) Be Spontaneous

Best Beaches In New Zealand (26)

Don’t always overthink things. If it catches your eye, take a photo!

You can always get rid of it later if it proves to be nothing great however if it is a gem, not only will you have this great photo but you’ll also have something fairly unique as most people will probably have missed it.

3.) Take detailed photos

Best Beaches In New Zealand (28)

Something that detailed shot is much better than one capturing everything.

The details are often missed anyway and it’s a great way to show something regular in a new and perhaps more exciting light.

4.) Be Patient

Best Things To Do In Bath, England (4)

Sometimes you’ve just gotta wait for that perfect shot. It took ages to get this photo below of lightening in the city but after hundreds of photos (figuratively speaking of course) I finally got one that I was quite pleased with.

5.) Capture the action

Best Beaches In New Zealand (24)

Action shots can be so much more exciting than static ‘posed-for’ photos. Think photos of Flamenco dancers or even cartwheels on sand dunes.

6.) Document the obvious

best things to do in Shanghai (5)

You went to Paris to see the sights; take photos of them.

They might seem like the stereotype but forget about what everyone else is saying and take that photo of yourself with your finger on the Louvre… (or pushing The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy).

In any case, these sights are usually synonymous with the city in question and if for nothing else, they’ll help you capture and relive your awe and sense of wonder when you first saw them.

7.) Just have fun with it

Here's What The ICEHOTEL Looks Like Inside (9)

Here, more is more, take photos of everything and anything.

You can always get rid of the truly terrible ones but you’ll surprise yourself sometimes how many gems you might find amidst the pile of shockingly bad/average photos.

8.) Go Off Peak

best things to do in Shanghai (2)

Visit locations outside of peak travel periods and you’ll surprise yourself how amazing the landscapes can be when there are no other distractions (in ‘people form’) in the photos.

9.) Go High

Best Things To Do In Edinburgh, Scotland (15)

Get a bird’s eye view and the photos you’ll end up with will be some of your finest. Going high can provide a rarely seen perspective.

Let’s face it, most people probably wouldn’t bother climbing up Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh for a photo but if you do, the photographic opportunities atop your new tower will be totally worth it.

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