Amsterdam is an incredible city to visit, it’s got art, culture, nightlife and enough canals to explore for days! Whether it’s your first time to the city, or you’re a seasoned visitor, I’ve no doubt you’ll be on the lookout for some of the coolest and unique places to stay… and you’d be in a great city for it too!

The city itself is chock-a-block full of amazing places to see and I’ve no doubt you’ll want your accommodation to match the vibrancy of the city itself. From houseboats to gigantic beds, Amsterdam is crammed full of unique places to rest your head. Take a look at some of the very best, below:

9 Unique And Cool Hotels To Stay At In Amsterdam (1)

Take a look at some of the very best hotels in Amsterdam, below  – you can, of course, then get the best prices via services like Hotels Combined; which does the work of searching booking websites to find the best price for you. (*Your energy is probably better spent figuring out all the fun things you plan on getting up to in the city and letting services like this do the ‘less-exciting’ work of bargain hunting for you).

1.) Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy 

The Lloyd Hotel is one of the most unique hotels I’ve ever stayed in.  Designed for travellers of all budgets and types, the Lloyd Hotel offers a range of different and very cool rooms (at different price points and a wide range of star ratings) for us all to choose.

The Lazy Guide To A Weekend In Amsterdam (47)

The Lazy Guide To A Weekend In Amsterdam (50)

Keep your eyes peeled for the room with the biggest bed I’ve ever slept in!

2.) Citizen M 

CitizenM Amsterdam (12)

Citizen M have two different hotels in Amsterdam, one in the city itself and one next to Schiphol Airport.

These pod-like rooms are equipped with colourful rain showers, big beds and lots of little indulgences that make this a cool hotel to visit.

3.) House Boat 

Exploring Amsterdam's Canal (By Driving A Boat For The First Time!) (13)

A boat hotel has to be seen to be believed, especially when it’s perched in the winding waterways of Amsterdam. With hundreds of smaller boats, or the much larger Boatel to choose from, there’s no better city to sleep on the canals!

4.) Hotel V Nesplein

This quirky and indulgent hotel is one place to stay if you’re looking for a little Dutch design and stylish interiors, the Hotel V Nesplein is for you.

5.) INK Hotel

9 Unique And Cool Hotels To Stay At In Amsterdam (2)

The INK Hotel is located centrally in the beating heart of Amsterdam and the perfect place to stay, especially in their beautifully designed rooms. Think old-typewriters, retro cameras and glossy finishes. This hotel is uber cool! Make sure to try some of their Dutch inspired dishes in the restaurant too!

6.) Hotel V Frederiksplein

9 Unique And Cool Hotels To Stay At In Amsterdam (7)

This hotel is a true throwback to the 1960’s. Think Mad Men (the TV show) :-), brandy and lots of swinging beats – this place is uber cool! It’s a great place to stay for a fun weekend in the city.

7.) Hotel Droog

9 Unique And Cool Hotels To Stay At In Amsterdam (5)

Hotel Droog is, arguably, one of the coolest and most artistic hotels in Amsterdam. The airy white rooms, the art gallery and the stunning food hall and store makes this hotel a unique stay in the city. A hotel that is truly led by design!

8.) Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel

This Is Where To Go For The Best Sunsets In Amsterdam! (1)

Although the crane towers over the surrounding shore, the Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel still only has 3 rooms inside that is a unique sleeping experience in the Netherlands. Relatively pricey, these luxury rooms are definitely for a special occasion – and make sure to book well in advance. (It’s right next door to Pllek so you know you’ve got a pretty decent restaurant and bar right next door).

9.) The Exchange

9 Unique And Cool Hotels To Stay At In Amsterdam (8)

The Exchange is situated in a lively area of Amsterdam, which allows you to enjoy the bustle of the city (at any time of day or night). Suiting a variety of budgets, The Exchange has some pretty unique rooms that are well worth a gander at!

9 Unique And Cool Hotels To Stay At In Amsterdam (6)

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