Just shy of London, Windsor is a stunning place that’s steeped in history! With the Queen’s favourite castle, cobbled streets and stunning parks, there’s a heap of the best things to do in Windsor dotted all across the town to discover. 

Over the years, we’ve visited Windsor loads of times – after all, it’s only around 30 minutes from Central London by train. This makes Windsor a perfect day trip from London that’s well worth visiting if you’re after an escape from the city. 

So, to help you get the most out of your visit to Windsor, I wanted to share some downright dazzlers that you can’t miss whilst strolling the town. 

Best Things To Do In Windsor

Take a look, below, at the best things to do in Windsor. Have an epic trip! 

1.) Windsor Castle

Best Things To Do In Windsor Castle

You can’t visit Windsor without exploring the iconic Windsor Castle

Best things to do in Windsor

Being one of the world’s oldest inhabited castles, it’s a royal residence that is loved by Queen Elizabeth II.

In fact, it’s said (though not confirmed) that the late queen preferred Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace.

An Afternoon In Windsor Castle... (Plus, 10 Things To Know Before You Visit Windsor Castle). (26)

Before arriving in Windsor, book these official Windsor Castle tickets to explore the stunning grounds and staterooms. They are totally incredible.

Plus, you’ll get to take a nosey around Windsor Castle’s extensive private art collection and priceless antiques owned by the Crown. 

An Afternoon In Windsor Castle... (Plus, 10 Things To Know Before You Visit Windsor Castle). (12)

As you stroll, look out for Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House (which is one of Windsor’s more unique attractions).

Upon entering Windsor Castle, you can take a good gawk at this lavish doll house that’s 100 years old!  A gift to King George V’s wife, Queen Mary, it’s said to have taken three years to create.

Best things to do in Windsor Castle

What’s totally fascinating is that this dolls house is almost a timestamp in how the Royal family lived during the 1920s.

Contained within its walls are numerous iconic works by the leading visual artists, writers and composers of the time, including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (who wrote the Sherlock Holmes), A. A. Milne (of Winnie-the-Pooh).

Inside Windsor Castle

Also, keep your eyes peeled for which flag is flying about Windsor Castle. If it’s the Royal Standard, that means that the Queen is currently inside.

If it’s the Union Flag (Union Jack), it means she’s gallivanting somewhere else. 

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2.) Boat along the Thames River 

Boat tours River Thames

We loved exploring Windsor and Eton via the boat tours that head up and down the Thames.

Typically departing from Windsor Promenade, it’s one of the best things to do in Windsor on a warm and sunny day. 

Lasting around an hour, you’ll head up the river whilst learning all about the history of this incredible part of England that’s totally beautiful.

Boat tours River Thames

We headed out with French Brothers’ who host a heap of public trips (or private charters if you’re feeling flush). 

3.) St. George’s Chapel

Best things to do in Windsor

St. George’s Chapel is located right within the grounds of Windsor Castle and serves as both a Royal Peculiar or a church operated under the direct authority of the monarch. 

An Afternoon In Windsor Castle... (Plus, 10 Things To Know Before You Visit Windsor Castle). (17)

Not only that, it’s a royal mausoleum, with many iconic figures in British history buried inside. From the likes of; Edward IV, Henry VI, Henry VIII, George V and Queen Mary – the list goes on!

An Afternoon In Windsor Castle... (Plus, 10 Things To Know Before You Visit Windsor Castle). (16)

It’s an utterly gorgeous chapel with Gothic architecture that’s too beautiful to miss.

Depending on when you visit, you might also get to attend a service that happens three times a day (and all free, of course). 

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4.) Historic streets of Windsor

Best things to do in Windsor

Remember I said that Windsor is steeped in history? I wasn’t kidding, it’s over 1000 years old and has a heap of coves, townhouses and cobbled streets to explore. 

Now, in my opinion, Windsor is best explored on foot!

This way, you’ll be able to truly explore all the cosy nooks and spots that just aren’t as easy in a car. 

To make things even easier, book this hop-on-hop-off bus tour that’s great to visit all the sites around Windsor. It all makes it so easy to get around. 

Best Things To Do In Windsor

This is totally true when you stop at spots like Queen Charlotte Street. You see, it’s the shortest street anywhere in the UK.

Be sure to spot The Crooked House of Windsor that (somehow) still stands – it really looks like it’s going to collapse like a stack of cards! 

Best things to do in Windsor

Of course, you’re gonna stroll down the Queen’s Walkway that’s one of the best things to do in Windsor if you fancy a stroll. A casual 4 miles, it includes waypoints around 60+ of Windsor’s must-see historical spots.

Though, if you want to make it easier, book one of the tours around the town itself. Windsor Guided Tours hosts a heap of them.

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5.) Eton

An Afternoon In Windsor Castle... (Plus, 10 Things To Know Before You Visit Windsor Castle). (57)

Located just across the River Thames, Eton is home to one of England’s most prestigious schools, Eton College.

Famed for educating royalty and prime ministers, it’s the kind of place that’s steeped in history and easy to visit from Windsor itself. 

Eton near Windsor

For a chance to examine a rare original page from Charles Darwin’s famous Origin Of Species, schedule a visit on a Sunday to enjoy the Natural History Museum.

Though just be aware, it’s closed to the public on weekdays. 

6.) Windsor Great Park

Windsor Castle Park

If you’re fancying a stroll, head over to Windsor Great Park to enjoy the best views of Windsor Castle itself. It’s a totally stunning walk and a vast open space that’s lovely on a summer day. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the deer that roam the grounds. In my experience, I’ve found these easiest to see early in the morning! 

7.) Gorge in Windsor

Whenever we visit Windsor, I always leave stuffed! Though, that’s part of the fun of travelling, right? Being able to try every local dish in sight! 😉

For some of the best homemade pasta, visit Sebastian’s Italian. Here, they cook up the most delicious pasta in this area of England. Their seafood pasta is just too delicious to miss. 

If it’s a lovely dinner you’re after, book a table at A la Russe, a French fusion restaurant that serves up a delicious steak tartare. 

Also, for an afternoon tea of fresh scones, preserves, clotted cream and loose leaf tea then head across to Clarence Tea Room. They have a sparkling afternoon tea, which we couldn’t resist! 

For another sweet treat, head to the Fudge Kitchen is a glorious little shop where sweet-toothed confectioners whip up delicious fudge by hand. The smell of fudge is incredible and it’ll leave your mouth watering! Before you leave, make sure to buy a couple of fudge slabs for the road.

Their butterscotch fudge is so good! 

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8.) Legoland Windsor

Best things to do in Legoland Windsor

Just outside the limits of the town itself, Legoland is one of the best things to do in Windsor if you’re heading across with the family.

Complete with all that lego goodness….  the park hosts a heap of performances, fun rides and enough lego to satisfy any bricklayer. 

Just make sure to book your Legoland Windsor tickets before arriving. This way, you’ll be guaranteed entry and won’t be disappointed when you arrive.  

Not only that, Legoland Windsor hosts seasonal fireworks nights that are so epic! 

Book: Legoland Windsor tickets

9.) Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot Best Things To Do In Windsor

One of the Queen’s favourite sporting pastimes, horse racing is something that’s pretty easy to see whilst in this area of England.

The Wimbledon of racecourses, Ascot hosts a heap of international races that go on throughout the year. The most famous of these is Ascot Week, held at Ascot Racecourse itself and typically in June.

Though, if horse racing isn’t your idea of a good time, give this spot a miss – you’ll find it pretty dull otherwise!

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