Nestled on the south coast of beautiful Devon, Plymouth is a historical city with hundreds of years of maritime history. Not only that, there’s a heap of spots to see and the best things to do in Plymouth that make it a great little city break whilst exploring wider Devon.  Over the centuries, Plymouth has … Continue Reading

Nestled within the Midwest of the United States, Kansas has a lot going for it! It’s a state that’s filled with gorgeous expanses of nature, vistas and fair few cities, too. That being said, it’s also a pretty large state, taking hours to drive across. This makes it totally essential to plan how and when … Continue Reading

Hands down, Puglia is one of the best regions in Italy to visit for a holiday. Not only does it have some of the prettiest Italian cities, but it’s also one of the most iconic spots in Southern Italy that are just too gorgeous to miss.    With the iconic trulli houses around Alberobello, coastal … Continue Reading

The Cotswolds is still one of my favourite areas in England to explore! Imagine, rolling green hills, quaint little villages and a huge amount of history. There are so many places in the Cotswolds that you’ll almost be spoilt for choice. And you know what, that’s what I love most – there’s a surprise around … Continue Reading

Any trip to Iceland is almost always going to be exciting! Honestly, the island is stunning and that’s why I wanted to share a map of Iceland’s best places to visit. Hopefully, this will help on your first visit to Iceland and help you see some of the top places in Iceland as you explore.  … Continue Reading

New York is an incredible city to explore! It’s a hive of activity, buzzing with life, culture and loads of foodie haunts to fill up at. That being said, with all these best things to do in New York, it can be hard to prioritize just a few of the best areas of the city. … Continue Reading

Hands-down, London is one of our favourite cities in all the world; not least because it is home. Now, in my opinion, one of the best things about our city is the amount of history hiding around every area of the city. The same goes for the best palaces in London; there are just so … Continue Reading

Okay, so “change your life” may be a tad dramatic but these apps are so handy to have when travelling that they’ve pretty much managed to change from the handy apps category on my phone to the essential apps to have a category.  Now, I don’t know how or when exactly it happened, but somehow, … Continue Reading

Okay, so every year, especially when visiting family and friends, I love to make my (not so) famous indulgent fluffy gin and tonic waffles. Yes, you read that right… gin and tonic waffles. Somehow it has become my signature dish that I tend to rock out at most dinner parties, breakfast/brunch or special occasion. I have … Continue Reading

One of the things I love most about travelling is the experiences you get to have and the memories you make. It’s not lost on me how totally cheesy that all sounds but let’s be honest – that’s what makes travelling fun. It’s all about those feelings you leave with and those memories you make. … Continue Reading

** Competitions now closed** I’m always on the hunt for ways to help you (and myself, of course), travel the world as free as possible and so for the final “Starter for 10” for 2014, I’ve put together a list to help you get your 2015 travel plans kick started! The only thing better than … Continue Reading

Swiftly following on from the Winter travel look for the lasses, we’ve got a winter travel look (and how to get them) for the lads. You know how this works already. Carry on to see the looks and how to get them… LOOK 1 (Similar sunglasses here, jackets here and here, shoes here, shirts here … Continue Reading

** Competitions now closed** Travelling the world is absolutely amazing but even more amazing than that is being able to do so for free! Here are a few find this week that might be able to help you do so. 1.) Head over to South Africa? 2.) …or visit the Scottish Highlands. 3.) Get a stay … Continue Reading

Food is amazing. Good food is out of this world. Good food with a great view is something out of this world! I’m a sucker for a fantastically cooked meal and I’m pretty sure you are too and when there’s a great view to go hand in hand with the meal (as long as it’s … Continue Reading