I’m still reeling from how impressed I am with my lunch at Leon. I first noticed Leon at King’s Cross station on one of my crazy dashes between London and Cambridge and I’d always thought to myself “That looks interesting and worth a try”… I can’t believe I didn’t try it sooner! Today I started … Continue Reading

Like I was gonna forget to do a post about the amazing food in Ibiza! 🙂 #FoodieDiaries First off we got the squid! #CookedToPerfection! Then some tasty lamb chops! Paella to share! Some aperitifs for after the meal.. But not before some grilled garlic king prawns Rounded up with a huge steak. We ate and … Continue Reading

Greek Yogurt has long since the breakfast of champions – quite literally (just think of the Olympians). Breakfast is truly one of the most important meals of the days but surprisingly, the least most people put much effort into. It helps that there are lots of ways to have a ‘quick breakfast’ but considering how … Continue Reading

Okay, I know this is technically not food but this Chilli Lemonade recipe is kinda food related, low calorie and it’s an easy enough drinks-hack that I’m just gonna put it up anyway. 🙂 Last summer, London got unbelievably hot and my flat being up on the 20th floor tended to get water that had … Continue Reading