If you’ve been on our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you’ll probably have been inundated with so many photos from the Maldives… If you haven’t well this post is for you – we’re in the Maldives as it’s as beautiful as they all said it would be! (Oh, and we’re also on Snapchat with username “HandLuggageOnly”) … Continue Reading

A trip to Antigua would be incomplete without a little visit to St John’s – the capital of the island. I visited outside of the main hours most visitors on the island tend to visit – unintentionally I might add, I just happened to have rented a car and subsequently decided to make the most … Continue Reading

As per our last post here (and if you’ve been on our instagram or twitter) lately, you’ll probably have seen that we’re in Madrid. This trip to Madrid has been a lot busier than initially I thought. I had this silly idea in my head that a trip to Madrid in winter would be a … Continue Reading

Swiftly following on from the 1st part , here are the rest of the photos from the old town of Gdansk. This photo below was probably the very first one I put on instagram after we arrived in Gdansk. I’d spent the past few hours going “WOW!!!” at every street corner and by this point, I couldn’t hold … Continue Reading

We arrived in Gdansk on a rather cold Friday night. It was so late by the time we arrived that we barely saw anything of the city and seeing as it was our first time in Poland, I can’t even say that we knew what to expect. 🙂 Still, the four of us (me, Lloyd, … Continue Reading

Night time photography is the bane of many a photographer. To be perfectly frank, as beautiful as night time photos look, they tend to be one of the hardest types of photography to nail a.) because the rules vary considerably depending on what sort of photograph you’re after (for instance, Northern light photos require a totally … Continue Reading

Before I headed out to Antigua with Thomas Cook Airlines, I’d heard rumours of how beautiful the beaches in Antigua are and how amazing it was for snorkelling so after a relaxing day exploring St James Club, I knew the very first activity I wanted to get up to was snorkelling! I arrived bright and … Continue Reading

I arrived in Antigua at around 5.30pm and after a couple of hours of getting through immigrations, customs and weaving through the island in a taxi, I finally arrived at what I would be calling home for the next week – St James Club. By the time I got in, it was too dark to take … Continue Reading

…as you can probably already tell from our instagram and twitter! We are currently here with Uemura who have enabled us experience so many facets of the city that we would otherwise not have seen. We’ve also done some of the solid staple stuff to do in Valencia of course and I have so much to tell … Continue Reading

The concept of bad or good weather is quite relative but for most of us, the idea of bad weather is one when the skies are grey, dull and pouring with rain. Let’s be honest, sunshine has been shown to have mood enhancing properties with the opposite being true for grey days. Then there’s the photography … Continue Reading

Grand Central Station is one of those places in New York that I often wonder why I pop in to see. Almost every time I’ve been here, I’ve had no business visiting the station. No trains to catch, no shops to visit, no business somewhere-nearby which means it’s convenient enough to just pop in… None … Continue Reading

On our recent trip to South Africa, I took over 3600 photos. And this was me being ‘prudent’ and trying not to take too many photos. The resultant effect of this of course means that as eager as I have been to share with you what we got up to, I’ve barely been able to … Continue Reading

This is a photo diary so I’ll spare you all the waffle and jump right in! 🙂 There are a few photos we took on our long weekend in New York City when we decided to headed off to Central Park… Photos taken before (and after) our boat ride here …

This is the second part of this post on sightseeing in Berlin here. Let’s carry on shall we! 🙂 Neue Kirche / New Church (Also known as “Deutscher Dom”) Konzerthaus Berlin FRENCH CATHEDRAL Berlin Cathedral Berlin TV Tower Berlin Cathedral (again) Altes Museum Humboldt University Reichstag building Brandenburg Gate To complete this list is this … Continue Reading