So here’s the scene – it’s the middle of winter and despite your travels during the year (and constant insistence that you’re done with swelteringly hot summer days), you’ve found yourself smack in the centre of a cold wintery snap (with full-on grey clouds to match). That being said, you can still find yourself a … Continue Reading

The Caribbean island of Antigua is probably most famed for its absolutely stunning beaches – in fact, there’s one for every day of the year (we’re talking 365 beaches here 😎 🏖 🍹) but there’s so much more to Antigua than just beaches. Suffice to say, you probably don’t need much convincing to visit the Caribbean (or … Continue Reading

As you’ve probably guessed, I’ve quite a soft spot for a festive Christmas – it doesn’t matter if it’s a tropical Christmas in Bali, a snowy New York Christmas or a gorgeous Christmas in the UK, as long as there is lashings of mulled wine, binge-worthy TV and lots of family time I’m a happy … Continue Reading

Angkor was the historic capital of the impressive Khmer Empire. Sitting within the city of Siem Reap, it has become one epic place to explore. Filled with incredible architecture, Khmer Culture and, of course, beautiful temples in Siem Reap – it is easily a must-see place when visiting this incredible country. I remember, when we lived … Continue Reading

Austria is an incredible country to explore (and one I wished I’d travelled around much sooner). That being said, it’s never too late to find an exciting and new country to explore. Now, we had visited Austria to go Skiing in Zell am See (which was amazing). The only thing is – I didn’t feel … Continue Reading

In addition to its many beautiful beaches, stunning waterfalls and rustic villages, Bali’s temples are some of the most interesting and indeed, most important places to visit on this little Indonesian island. Honestly, there are so many incredible and best temples in Bali to visit.  Even though you might visit the island for the sunshine … Continue Reading

Look, I love a good ski trip and I’m always keen to show off what I believe to be pretty epic ski skills though from looking back at videos of myself, perhaps I look more like a crab on ice than the former! 🤣 What I lack in finesse though, I more than make up … Continue Reading

Bolivia is one of those under-rated South American gems to visit. This is especially true with all the best places in Bolivia to visit that are stunning. Now, the lure of the Incas in Peru, the culture of the best South American cities and the gorgeous city of Santiago make South America a totally amazing … Continue Reading

When you think of visiting the Middle East, thoughts usually turn to destinations like Dubai or visiting iconic places like Petra and the rest of Jordan. That being said, one gem that’s sometimes overlooked is Oman. There are a heap of the best places in Oman that are dotted all across the country, which is … Continue Reading

If you’re not a fan of having a good old fashioned knees-up, then look away now! This is all about the very best cities to party across the world. So, expect loads of fun-filled, slick and cool cities that’ll make any party!  Now, if you’re a fan of letting your hair down (literally or figuratively … Continue Reading

So many aspects of India is ingrained in our societies today, especially with some many of the best cities in India having such influence around the country. It comes as no surprise then that when we start thinking of destinations to travel to, India pops up quite quickly. The thing is though, India is a … Continue Reading

A huge part of why you visit the Galapagos Islands is definitely to see the animals! For starters, almost all of the animals you find in the Galapagos Islands can only ever be found on these islands. Then there’s also the fact that this island is key to Charles Darwin’s Theory of evolution.  These islands were visited … Continue Reading

It’s so easy to be impressed by waterfalls, they’re just so awe-inspiring. The very nature of what they are means that they’re landmarks in themselves; and in a lot of cases, reasons to visit a place in themselves. After all, there are a heap of amazing waterfalls in the world that are dotted on every … Continue Reading

Hong Kong is an incredible place to explore. Not only Is it a perfect mix of vibrant, busy, hectic and historic, it’s also got a heap of the best things to do in Hong Kong that are dotted all across the area. Honestly, within the first few hours of arriving in Hong Kong, I was … Continue Reading