Some of the best destinations to visit sometimes are those places that are so far away that very few people have ever thought to venture to.

One of the biggest attractions in getting off the grid to these remote destinations is that you can visit them with very few preconceived notions of what they’re like,e or indeed should be, as only a handful of people in the world tend to visit them.

Consequently, only a handful of people have any information to share about said locations so you can be something of a pioneer. Here are 7 of the most remote places where you can get your pioneering explorer street cred.

1.) Pitcairn Island, South Pacific: This tiny little island is home to about 50 people who apparently descendants of bounty mutineers and as there is no airstrip on the island, it can apparently take up to 10 days to get here by boat from New Zealand!

2.) Barrow, Alaska: This is the highest city in the US and one where night falls in November and stays night for the next two months! It also gets pretty cold here so pack some warm clothing! Like seriously, with temperatures dipping to as low as -49°C (-56°F) you need to go pack more layer than an onion.
3.) Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland: Even though, Greenland is already pretty remote relative to most countries, Ittoqqortoormiit ups the remoteness stake even more and is one of the most remote places you can visit in Greenland – talk about really getting off the grid right? With a population of almost 500 people, it’s also one of the least populated of places out there.

4.) Tikopia, Solomon Islands: A tiny little island, only about 2 square miles in size, Tikopia is something of a little tropical getaway destination.
5.) Svalbard, Norway: Svalbard is archipelago in the Arctic Ocean which always conjures up images of the Northern lights in most people’s minds. It is one of the most remote places you can visit but also one of the most rewarding – especially so if you get the chance to see the Northern Lights when you visit.
6.) Macquarie Island, Australia: Home to 40 or so scientists, this island is a great place to visit for some rather interesting wildlife – particularly so to see the huge flock of Royal Penguins (Why “Royal”? *scratches head*)
7.) Koryak Okrug, Siberia: This is one of the coldest and most remote places in Siberia (even Siberia itself makes you think of “cold wilderness”). It is very sparsely populated (especially given its size) but you do get to play around with lots of reindeer here! 🙂

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