And no, it’s nothing to do with a mispronounced word or a meal you should have tried in Italy. But let’s take a step back first to set some context.

*Oh and by ‘you’, I mean ‘we’… (we only just found out about this today!)

Milan is one of the most popular cities to visit in Italy!

It’s arguably Italy’s fashion capital (which attracts its own dedicated footfall), it’s the 3rd largest city in Europe (in economic terms) after London and Paris.

Plus, the ease of access to the city from countries all over the world makes Milan a hotspot for tourists everywhere. And, let’s not forget the breadth of sights to see in the city too.

All this being said though, whenever you look to fly into Milan, you probably think of arriving in one of 3 airports – Malpensa, Bergamo or Linate (there’s also Bresso but chances are that you’ll be arriving in the other 3 instead).

Malpensa is by far Milan’s most popular airport, Linate is the closest to the city and Bergamo is perhaps the one you’re more likely to overlook of the three airports though it’s worth noting that Bergamo serves a lot of low-cost airlines which means it’s still a popular gateway to Milan.

What’s this mistake then?

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The mistake is fairly simple! Most people consider Bergamo as some random airport city (kinda the way we do in London – no one ever flies into London to explore the sights of the general Heathrow, Gatwick or Stansted area) however Bergamo is anything but!

As it turns out, Bergamo is quite a charming city and is without a doubt worth visiting in and of itself. It was the home of the Celts before the Romans took over (in about 49BC) and subsequently invaded by Attila the Hun. It later became the seat of the Dukes in the Lombard area and the rich history is still very much visible in the city built up in the hills.

Even driving up to Bergamo from the distance, you’re left thinking “Oooooh, what’s that quaint place in the mountains?” and very quickly realising that all this time, you’ve we all have truly under-estimated Bergamo.

Despite having flown into Milan multiple times, Bergamo was only ever seen an airport hub and it was just today, in the search for food before heading back to London that we finally got to see Bergamo for what it truly is, an Italian gem, packing in charm and sights and definitely worth your attention.

Now that’s another one to add to the travel list.

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