A very (very) quick post here! We visited South Africa late last year (for the first time) on safari with a pit stop in Cape Town and pretty much fell in love with it! The main reason we visited really was to go on safari and Cape Town was just an add on (at the time) because we had a few days extra to spare.

Going on safari can be like being in a bubble as you’re pretty much pre-paid for everything and have all the conveniences at your beck and call. Visiting Cape Town however felt like a real opportunity to experience a more ‘real’ part of South Africa as we had no plans for anything and would get to actually meet and hang out with locals – which was absolutely brilliant, by the way.

Ravines, Vineyards, Elephant Walking And The Most Spectacular Beach In South Africa's Eastern Cape (11)

Given the strong exchange rate, it also meant that our money went a lot further here. Even hiring a car with a driver to take us around all day was a luxury we could afford quite easily. Imagine trying to do the same in London??? That would have cost a pretty penny (…and a half)!

This of course meant a return to South Africa was inevitable and this time, we had a more money-focused challenge. We had to see how far £400 would take us in a week! Turns out, it takes you very far indeed!

To that end, we’ve put together this 2 minute video showcasing how cheap a week in South Africa can be. Obviously, this doesn’t cover every single thing you can do in South Africa but hopefully, it shows you relatively how much things costs in South Africa …and perhaps even why you need to visit South Africa soon. 🙂


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