One of the challenges I came across when it came to packing for our trip across Italy was the fact that due to the fact that we’re using a rickshaw to drive across the country, I would have to be extra lean with my hand luggage allowance. My typical packing style is to pack all the stuff I need… then add in a bit extra. (I always take at least one spare pair of socks and underwear with me).

This time, there would be room for any overly sensible packing. Then there’s also the fact that I need to carry the luggage everywhere we went as I can’t leave it in a rickshaw.

FYI, I pack more stuff than is in this photo into the bad – cameras, socks…etc

Thankfully, just before I left, I’d just grabbed from rucksack a few of their new products to try out. Like I said so many time before, I’m a fan of big bags with lots of pockets and as much as I like my current repertoire of backpacks, none of them felt big enough to hold my camera bag and my personal stuff. The rucksack did the trick here. It’s perfect for hand luggage and perfect for walking around in. Plus it has all those extra straps and stuff to support your back which I greatly need and appreciate!

And there’s this handy toiletries bag too! Okay, confession here, in the past, I’ve just used plastic bags from grocery stores (e.g. Tesco or Sainsbury) to pack my toiletries in. I started doing this once I realised how likely they are to leak in your bag but never had a proper spill-proof bag to put them in. Now, I do! 🙂

We’ve got a dedicated page on the Cabin Max website to show you the bags we’ve selected for our travels.

So, what’s my typical packing routine when I travel hand luggage only (which, by the way, is most of the time). Well here we go:

1.) Do the obvious – charge everything you’re taking with you. Laptop, iPad, Phone, Camera…whatever! Everything needs to be juiced up before you leave.

2.) Stock up on the entertainment. Travelling light means no books or magazines so iPads/Kindles/Macbooks will have to suffice on that front. My typical travel entertainment is; TV series, movies and music. I only ever do any reading in between sipping cocktails on beach holidays.

3.) Make a list of what you want to pack. Don’t actually pack it. Just make a list of it. There are 4 main categories here. Clothes, toiletries (including medication), accessories (of which I have just one – sunglasses) and electricals.

4.) Cross-check that list to see if everything is essential for the period you plan on travelling for. If you can cut down on any extra items in your luggage, now is the time to do so!

5.) Next, treat that list as almost a shopping list and go around your wardrobe picking all the stuff you need. This is where you’ll notice that having that list made it so much easier than building that list in your head as you tried to find your stuff.

6.) Pop a bottle of water into your bag. You can’t take it past airport security so get a disposable one but what you’ll find is that having that water will force you to stay hydrated – even if you forget about it until you arrive at the security gates. And if you’re travelling by any other means, you can always take your water with you! If you’re wondering why staying hydrated is so important, a quick and obvious reason would be to avoid being constipated from dehydration (which is not how you wanna start your holiday).

7.) Okay, this is nothing to do with packing but try to arrive at your airport/train station/bus terminal with lots of time to spare. If there are luggage restrictions and you fall within any of these restrictions, it’s best to know with plenty of time to spare so you can sort it out easily. Even if there are no luggage restrictions, save yourself the hassle of worrying about missing your connection by arriving on time!

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