London is a spectacular city at any time of the year, but the atmosphere, buzz and al round goodwill.

 Alongside some amazing fireworks make for an unforgettable night! Best of All it can be done on a budget!

For the last 8 years or so I have always managed to enjoy London on New Year’s Eve/New years day! If you can try and watch the fireworks that commence at, you guessed it, 12 am on and around the London Eye (the big wheel thing that stands near Big Ben).

It is a very popular evening with what feels like millions of people on the streets!

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Top tip: Arrive early! With crowd control and public safety, alongside the huge amounts of closed streets it can take a very VERY long time to get to a good spot, so arrive at your chosen space around 10 pm and wrap up warm…

The best spot I have found is near the London eye itself, opposite Big Ben, or indeed any part of the river Thames where you can see the London Eye.

Maybe take a flask of your favourite nectar or coffee to keep you warm and/or merry!

Also, Transport for London kindly gives FREE central London transport in the evening, which makes for less of a worry in getting back to your hotel or home. But do take into consideration it may take a few hours to get home.

New years day top tip… Go for the New years day parade (stand around Trafalgar Square), all Free and well worth a watch!

Have a great time, and always be prepared for the changing weather.

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