Venice is a city that easy to fall in love with. In a surprise move (a surprise mostly to myself), I decided that this post on Venice would be best presented through some of my favourite photos exploring the best places to see in Venice. Photos being worth a thousand words and all. I’m already … Continue Reading

Venice is a beautiful Italian gem to explore. It’s the kind of city that’s totally unique, with miles of canals, tiny alleys and a whole heap of history, you’ll be totally spoilt for choice when deciding on all the best things to do in Venice whilst you’re there. Now, with all the canals and stunning … Continue Reading

The last couple of weeks have been a pretty manic flurry of activity across multiple cities, as you can probably tell from our Instagram posts (all the deets are on there so I won’t rehash them on here). Even in the midst of all of this travel (there was one point where we were in … Continue Reading

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and easily the most romantic cities in Italy. I know Paris is well-known for being ‘the romantic city’ but don’t be fooled, Venice easily rivals Paris for this title. Plus it has amazing ice creams so for me. It absolutely wins! 🙂 Venice is so … Continue Reading