After getting to Argentina (which you can read here), we’re finally off sailing the Drake Passage to Antarctica. Truth be told, it’s part of the trip that we were the most anxious about. Especially as this crossing can take up to 48 hours. I’ll explain why. Before that, just to quickly recap, so far we’d … Continue Reading

After all the hoops we had to jump to get to Antarctica (in our previous post), here we finally were. Antarctica! Like, this took a little while for it to sink in. I remember wanting to visit for like 10 years and then it took lots of planning to finally get to this point and … Continue Reading

The next day in Antarctica – still buzzing from having sailed not just to Antarctica but far south into the Antarctica circle – a feat no other sailing all season had done – we got up super early and super excited, and super eager to explore even more of the frozen continent. Also, since we … Continue Reading

One of the biggest questions we’ve gotten is about how we travelled to Antarctica so I figured I might as well show you the full journey we took from London (our home city) to Antarctica. Plus, it takes me right to the very start of this trip so it’s a good way to start this … Continue Reading